The myWebGate Team has released version 2.0 of the popular application framework. Version 2.0 is the first release which is ready for Domino 9 and supports the new OneUIV3 theme. Richie Schmid has done a huge job to make it very smooth:


New features:
- Default theme is now OneUI v3. You can switch back to OneUI v2 by changing the theme in to "myWebGate-OneUI-V2.1".
- A new Login form for OneUI v3 has been added. Change your server login form to "CustomLoginForm-OneUIv3" if you want the OneUI-V3 theme.
- Community Admin Page > Applications: New options for application links in the Apps dropdown menu, to restrict visibility to internal or external users. You should check and set visibility options for all your links after the upgrade.
- Community Admin Page > Applications: Checkbox added for "Open in new window".
- Directory > Added A-Z letter navigation
- Profile theme image will only scale height proportionally on window resize, if the user has defined a custom image. The default picture now has a fixed height.
- Activity Stream: List of people who like an item is now shown in the stream.
- Activity Stream: New micropublisher design

- IBM Domino 9 compatible
- Fixed notification dropdown text, which was sometimes cropped.
- Content type of Widget POST request fixed, for compatibility with the myWebGate Absence Planner App.
- Fix in the invitation dialog datasource

Enjoy it!

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