Now is the time to run to be an OpenNTF Director – and be involved with setting the future direction of OpenNTF. Nominations are open until August 9.

If your company is an OpenNTF Member (see list at, then you can run as a Member Director. There are 5 of these Director positions open, and two nominations to date.

Or, if you are an OpenNTF Contributor (whether or not your company is a Member), then you can run as a Contributor Director.There are three Contributor Director positions open, and only one nomination so far.


The nomination period lasts until August 9. Please send your nominations to
Distribution of candidate statements from Aug12-24. Member statements will be circulated to all OpenNTF Members, and Contributor statements will be posted on the OpenNTF blog.
Voting from August 24 to September 6.

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