On June 27, OpenNTF will host its Annual General Meeting.  This is an opportunity for anyone interested in the activities and direction of OpenNTF to participate in discussions on OpenNTF's future.  

As the Agenda (published here a few days ago) shows, there will be reports from the various groups within OpenNTF – but more importantly, this is the time to ask questions, make suggestions, and get involved.  We will be discussing the upcoming elections for the Director positions – and yes, if your company is a Member, or if you are a Contributor, you can run for one of the Director positions.  

The meeting will be at 11:00 EDT (GMT-4) and all those interested in OpenNTF are invited to attend.  

Country Toll Numbers and Toll Free Numbers:

AUSTRIA 43-1-92-86-505
CANADA 888-426-6840
CHINA* 86-400-810-4763
GERMANY 0800-000-1018
NETHERLANDS 0-800-363-6036
USA 888-426-6840
USA Caller Paid 215-861-6239
United Kingdom Caller Paid 0-20-30596451
United Kingdom Toll-Free 0800-368-0638
Denmark Caller Paid 32711870
Denmark Toll-Free 80-717000

More country numbers:

Participant Passcode: 71387162

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