OpenNTF is looking for a few volunteers to act as Committers.  Committers are Contributors who have the authority to place OpenNTF submissions into the OpenNTF Catalog.

So how does this work?

There are two sides to OpenNTF. Contributors can post submissions to OpenNTF without any vetting or analysis of their project. However, for a submission to get into the OpenNTF “Catalog”, a project has to meet the following requirements:
  • All third party code must be listed in a Notice file, and have licenses compatible with the overall project license
  • All contributors must be covered by an ICLA or CCLA
  • Any encryption code must be flagged to the IP Manager (a legal requirement)
  • There should be adequate documentation
  • The submission has to install and run without issues.
Only projects that are in the Catalog are eligible for the various OpenNTF contests.

As IP Manager, I work with the Committers to analyze contributions.  I scan the code for IP issues, and when I determine that all is in order, the Committer checks out the submission to ensure that the documentation is adequate and that the code actually runs.  Not a big job – but one that gets you involved with the day-to-day running of the site.

So – we would like to get some Committers from the community to help with this. We do have some Committers who handle submissions licensed under GPL – but need some Committers who handle submissions licensed under Apache.  

To volunteer – please send a note to


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