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Please join OpenNTF in welcoming hedersoft GmbH as an OpenNTF Member Company. hedersoft is located in Germany. hedersoft specializes in XPages development, Email management, MaRisk and more.

"The heder soft GmbH believes in the spirit of the open source movement. For this reason, we are part of our software and open source solutions available. We are closely associated with OpenNTF . OpenNTF has developed in recent years to the central platform in the Lotus community, when it comes to open source.

We will provide some of our products in a basic version for free for OpenNTF. In addition, we will provide solutions and devices to the network which have helped us. The beginning, Lars Buntrock "open database" is already done with the development of the dialogue which has been submitted for the first XPages Development Contest, where it has performed very successfully. Conversely, we also profiting from the growing community that is involved in OpenNTF and then adjusts source code freely available. It is a give and take!"

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