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This month OpenNTF is proud to announce that Mark Hughes' View Picklist XPages Custom Control as the November 2011 Featured Project of the Month.

"The View Picklist Custom Control is set of two custom controls that allow you to present a dialog box where you can select values from a view (or view documents) to populate a field or scope, and also allow you to remove individual items from a field or scope value using the multi value deselect custom control (included).

This View Picklist Custom control is configurable so that you can style it any way you want. Use the built in search bar or the built in type ahead bar to narrow the results.  Return the value(or values) to a field, document value, or a scoped variable.  This can all be accomplished by configuring the properties available."

You can watch a NotesIn9 video of the controls in action here.

Congratulations to Mark on having his View Picklist Custom Control selected as the November 2011 Featured Project of the Month.

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