Here is list of the 28 Member Companies that are now part of OpenNTF, Inc.:

- ASND Designs
- Assono
- Axiot Ltd
- Collaboration Matters Limited
- Conxsys
- Czarnowski
- Developi Information Systems
- e-office
- Elguji Software, LLC
- Factor-Y S.R.L.
- Hedersoft GmbH
- Intec Systems Ltd
- IntelliGlobe
- ISW Development Pty Ltd
- iZone  
- Kalechi Designs
- Marketing for Profitability
- PHL Consult
- Prominic
- Sherpa Software
- Simplified Technology Solutions Inc.
- SOFTWERK Gesellschaft fur Systementwicklung
- The Turtle Partnership
- YouAtNotes
- Ytria

You can also view the OpenNTF, Inc. Member Companies list on the OpenNTF site.

NOTE: If you are a Member Company and want to have text and/or your logo changed please drop me an email. If your company is interested in becoming an OpenNTF Member please contact Peter Tanner.

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