The votes have been cast, counted and audited, and the newly incorporated OpenNTF has a Board of Directors.  

But not quite!  There was a tie in the voting for the third Contributor Director position, so we would like all Contributors to vote again – this time for either Elijah Lapson or Frank van der Linden.  Just send your choice to by midnight Tuesday October 18.

In any case, we do have the results for the nine Member Directors, and two of the three Contributor Directors.  Here they are:

Member Directors:  

Elected for two years – in order of number of votes received:
        1. Bruce Elgort
        2. Brent Peters
        3. Julian Woodward
        4. John Head
        5. Corey Davis

Elected for one year – in order of number of votes received:

        6. Per Henrik Lausten
        7 (tied) Sean Burgess
        7 (tied) Justin Hill
        7 (tied) Stuart McIntyre

Not elected – in alphabetical order:

        Serdar Basegmez
        Michael Falstrup
        Henning Schmidt
        Chris Toohey

Contributor Directors:

Elected for one year – in order of number of voted received:

        Niklas Heidloff
        Rene Winkelmeyer

Tied for third position, subject to runoff election:

        Elijah Lapson
        Frank van der Linden

Congratulations to the winners – and many thanks to all the candidates for their willingness to  be part of OpenNTF and for making this an exciting election.  

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