OK – you have seen that increased activity of OpenNTF.  More contributions, more downloads, more serious licensing rules.  OpenNTF is growing up. Things are happening. OpenNTF is now incorporated as an independent nonprofit corporation.

Lets say that you are one of the nearly 450 people who have registered as an OpenNTF Contributor – you contribute code, but you would like do more. Perhaps you would like to set up a cross-company project, help with the infrastructure, help set the direction of where OpenNTF is heading.

Well, if you send the IP-Manager an email stating you are interested, by end of day Friday, October 7, you too can run for one of the three Contributor Director positions of OpenNTF.

The Contributor Directors along with the Member Directors are the ones who control OpenNTF.  They set the direction, and either directly, or through committees, run things like the technical direction, the infrastructure, the contests. It's not a massive call on your time – there is a one hour meting every two weeks – plus your involvement in those aspects of OpenNTF that you are interested in.

Once we have all the nominations (by Friday), we will post the statements of each nominee – and then during the week, next week, all registered contributors can vote for up to three Contributor Director Candidates.

Currently there are two candidates – Niklas Heidloff and Rene Winkelmeyer. You can add your name to that list and lets make it a real election.

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