So what exactly are "Contributor Directors"?

One of the comments we receive regularly is why can't individuals be “Members” of OpenNTF. - why is membership only open to companies. After all, it is individuals who are the main contributors of code to OpenNTF – and code is the raison d'etre of OpenNTF.

So, we checked around to see what other open source organizations did.  One solution that was appealing (similar to what Eclipse does) is to include Contributor representatives on the Board of Directors  So, for the election of the founding Board of OpenNTF, we are asking the Contributors to elect three representatives.  

So – how does this work:

Right now, nominations are open. Any Contributor can send a note to the IP Manager to nominate him/herself. Nominations close on October 7.  We have two nominations so far.

Each nominee must provide us with a statement saying why they should be an OpenNTF Director. These statements will be published in this blog.  Then, during the week of October 10, those people who are registered Contributors will be asked to vote for up to three of the nominees.  

We hope that having Contributor Directors will make the Board more representative of the OpenNTF community.  

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