On Thursday, July 21st, 2011 OpenNTF was incorporated in the state of Delaware and is now legally known as OpenNTF, Inc. and is organized as a nonprofit corporation. All the activities of The OpenNTF Alliance, that was formed in May 2009, will be moved over to this newly formed corporation over the last several months. With the incorporation comes many benefits including:

- Discounts on products and services needed to support the open source community
- Allows OpenNTF to sign legal contracts
- and puts us on the same legal footing as most open source organizations such as Eclipse.

Over the next several months OpenNTF will re-bootstrap - with a new Board of Directors that needs to be elected.  Member Companies that were part of the OpenNTF Alliance will need to sign new Membership Agreements for OpenNTF Inc. and have already been contacted via email.

We will also be working to expand Member Company participation through a membership drive which will focus on recruiting IBM Business Partners to join OpenNTF, Inc.

Please join me in supporting the newly formed OpenNTF, Inc. which will continue to serve the development community with open source solutions. 

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