Note: this is not the full final version of the Steering Committees minutes, but simply a summary until such time as the committee is able to prepared detailed minutes from the audio-recording of the call.

Resolved to accept the initial membership
Elected Vince Schuurman as Chairman of the Steering Committee for a period of 6 months
Resolved to make meeting minutes public
Resolved to audio record meeting for archival purposes
Proposal to publish audio recording -- proposal tabled until future date
Resolved to request a report from an independent legal council on the process of establishing a 501(c)(6) NFP Trade association, including costs, risks and resulting benefits.
Resolved to amend Alliance agreement to consider any registered user as eligible for Working Groups
Resolved to permit Steering Committee to limit membership in any given Working Group
Resolved to create an Intellectual Property Working Group for, which will address IP and general legal issues.
Resolved that IP Working Group would be limited to Alliance member representatives and any past or current project contributor.  (ie: Project Chefs)
Elected John Head as Chair of IP Working Group
Resolved that no further projects will be put in Catalog until SC accepts new IP policy and project release model.
Resolved to create a Strategy Working Group for, which will be responsible for setting general processes and objectives for the Alliance.
Resolved that Strategy Working Group would be open to all registered users of
Elected Nathan Freeman as Chair of Strategy Working Group
Tasked Strategy Working Group with proposing a Communications policy for
Tasked Strategy Working Group with proposing a long-term Working Group decision process
Resolved that until the SC has defined a new process, Working Group Chairs will be solely responsible for achieving consensus and creating resulting proposals for the SC.
Resolved to create a Technical Committee that is responsible for the day-to-day operation of and the implementation of the SC's decisions
Elected Niklas Heidloff as Chairman of the Technical Committee
Tasked Technical Committee with the creation of  Working Group communications & operational features on site
Tasked Technical Committee with continuing site redesigns into the Projects area of the site.
Resolved to permit resolutions to be passed via email from SC membership, with the chair being responsible for official record keeping
Proposed creation of an office of Secretary of the Steering Committee -- proposal tabled until future date.
Resolved to meet again on May 28, 2009 at 11AM ET for 1 hour.

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