I finally have it all set up on one machine (ok - so its a dual proc with 3 GB RAM!)
- DB2
- Domino 7.0 running mail and web, using DB2 as the backend database store
- Workplace Collaborative 2.6, using Domino for http and LDAP
- SSO between WCS and Domino, although I haven't tested this fully yet.

In addtion to this I also have the Workplace Managed Client running on my laptop connecting to the WCS server I've set up.

I'm tempted to add a "Warning: Do not try this at home" message, but I'll give the benefit of doubt to WCS and chalk it up to my never having done this kind of installation before and not really being an admin type person. I thought after reading Declan's blog about Domino LDAP setup that it wouldn't be too difficult, but I learnt the hard way that it's easy to make a single mistake and have it ripple down through the rest of the configuration and mess things up. Here's some of the things I learnt
  1. Don't forget to open the LDAP port (389 by default) on your network!
  2. Test the ldap connectivity for the id you plan to use to bind WCS to Domino's LDAP using some utility. Based on a recommendation I used a free version you can download here
  3. Turn on the domino server notes.ini variable Debug_NameLookup=1. This will then show every ldap connection on the domino console, making it much easier to debug LDAP problems
  4. You may need to create an LDAP site document under Internet sites in your Domino NAB if you don't have one already and are using Internet sites
  5. This one really cost me the most amount of time: The admin id for WCS, say WCSAdmin is a single (full?) name. I set up a corresponding id in Domino, but set it up as WCS Admin, with shortname=wcsadmin, thinking that would do the trick. I discovered much later that it was looking up the ($users) view looking for cn=wcsadmin/o=mydomain. However, the $user view didn't convert the shortname into that format, so when I finally realized that I changed the fullname to wcsadmin/mydomain, which then showed up in the $Users view correctly as cn=wcsadmin/o=mydomain
  6. The first thing you need to do is make sure the app server is running to disable security. I didn't realize that for some reason it was not running, and when I ran the config wizard I got "Invalid userid/password". and a SOAP connector error in the log. Of course that led me to think I had messed up the ids somehow, but finally disovered it was because the WAS server was not running. As soon as I started the server and ran the wizard to disable security (Part 1 of enabling LDAP for Domino) it worked just fine
  7. Since I ran the wizard a few times while correcting all the mistakes I had made above, when I finally got those right and thought I had the right setup, the wizard failed at the very end of enabling domino ldap. It turned out that it actually starts the portal server sometime during the config (you are supposed to shut down Portal server before starting the wizard). Of course when the config failed, it didnt shut down the portal server and when I ran the config with what I thought was all correct, it failed because it tried to start the portal server again. As Declan mentioned, is it too much to ask that they start and stop the appropriate servers during the config instead of making us figuring out when which server needs to be up? Also, they mention that the Cloudscape server needs to be running for part of the install, but they didn't mention that if you have DB2 setup as your backend, you don't need this

In any event, it finally went through the config and I was able to login to WCS using my Domino user id. I was also able to sign up on WCS with a new id and saw it created the user in the Domino NAB. Hopefully others watch out for these points above when setting it up and don't make the same mistakes I did! Next step is to try modifying the themes and rendering my Domino apps from within WCS

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