If any of you have a Yahoo account, make sure your profile info is uptodate. I signed up for Flickr recently which was bought by Yahoo and requires a Yahoo id now - 10 min later I got an email saying my password had been reset. I tried updating the Yahoo account using the help pages but realized I had no idea what zip code I had put in when I set up the profile 10 years ago and none of the variations I tried worked. I sent several emails to Yahoo Customer care, and the note below is all I got from them. Ironically, I'm still signed into Flickr using the Yahoo id that I can no longer use on Yahoo. I understand that email has privacy restrictions, but they were absolutely unwilling to even entertain any option unless I provided the zip code. Why even allow us to email them if they're not going to entertain any option other than the online self-reset based on profile information I don't remember.

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Account Services.

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused. However, it appears that we will be unable to provide login assistance for the Yahoo! ID in question. By accepting our Terms of Service, you agreed to provide true and valid registration information, and to keep that information current and updated should it change.

The zip code that you have provided in your previous requests does not match the information that was entered when this account was established.

You are welcome to establish a new Yahoo! ID at any time.

In accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, we are unable to correspond further regarding this account.

We've had several users who've emailed us on OpenNTF having forgotten their profile information and we've always reset their id for them after verifying that its a valid request. No more Yahoo for me!

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