We are working on some subtle changes to the OpenNTF website. These include
  • a more dynamic top navigation where on login, the Login/Register link changes to your name and provides links to update your profile or logout
  • created this blog so we can let you know what's going on with the site and anything else we feel we *must* tell the world
  • cleaning up some of the views so they look a little nicer
  • removing some things that are not being used such as Tasks and Openings - it seems people prefer less structured collaboration methods like email or IM rather than posting tasks and openings
  • improving navigation within the project - making options more visible or obvious to the user and adding a new type called Screenshots
  • improving profile management
If there is anything else you feel we need to address on the website, please put in your (constructive) comments and we'll add these to the list of things to fix!

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