xInvolve is a customizable custom control that provides user-contribution to documents and contents. This version supports 'rating', 'commenting' and 'favorites' abilities for anonymous and non-anonymous users.

It uses a notes database to store interaction documents. You may use the released database or copy some design elements to another notes database. Read instructions below.




In the recent release I have changed the control structure. I have splitted functionalities into different controls instead of one giant control. Now the control toolbox contain five different controls to be used in any Xpages. Ratings and Favorites controls can also be used as multiple copies in repeat, data tables and view panels. Released database has examples on single-use and multiple use cases.

These custom controls can be utilized for all kinds of intranet contents to provide user feedback. They are very easy to use for developers and very minor footprint in the output code.


Important:Since Dojo changed rating implementation at 1.8, this control is broken in Domino 9... Look at discussions for the temporary fix...