It's a XPages - Custom Control that provides an alternative way of displaying information to end users using the jQuery Grid Plugin - jqGrid (see below for more information).


It uses JSON (could be XML or Arrays, but, I’ll focus on JSON for now) as data source which can be easily generated from
Notes views, REST Services from Extension Library, XAgents (SSJS), etc.


xGrid UI is provided by Redmond theme from jQuery UI; however you can download another UI theme from 24 available
at May 2012 or build your own from


By using Custom Properties you can:


  • Define grid layout
  • Manage paging options
  • Allow Inline search (no Full Text Index required)
  • Provide Custom Search (no Full Text Index required)
  • Change columns order
  • Hide and show columns
  • Add Grouping on the fly (Categorized)
  • Open selected documents


Check xGrid.pdf for more information and xGrid.nsf for working examples.


* xGrid.nsf has no View indexes to reduce file size. Open it first on Notes client  then open Contacts and People views to recreate indexes.