domBulletin is a new web discussion template mixing standard Domino discussion capabilities with features found in web bulletin boards. Dombulletin is designed for performance (light HTML, intensive server/browser caching) and customization (via standard CSS and HTML)

General end-user features
  • Multiple display mode (web boards, framed, classic, blog)
  • Multiple skins support
  • Multiple language support
  • Topic categorization
  • Search
  • Emoticons
  • Basic UBB code support (Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Image) and automatic url link conversion
  • Image upload
  • Live post preview
  • Quote selected text/ all parent post when responding
  • User registration
  • Mail : receive responses by email + newsletter subscription (authenticated users)
  • Live messengers status (yahoo, aim) for authenticated users + basic Sametime integration
  • Session tracking (last 30' activity)

General administration features
  • Administration via Notes client
  • Multiple anonymous/authenticated user scenari supported (registration required, anonymous can read…) + user registration
  • Skin customisation
  • Select which ui modes are available to end users + default launch options + url syntax for default/ preference overriding
  • Annoucement
  • User feedback
  • Lock/unlock + stick/unstick posts
  • Administration tools : rename categories, recategorize topics, delete topic with automatic reponses deletion
  • Basic statistics
  • Forbiden words and forbiden usernames lists
  • Ability to limit size of uploaded images