SPECIAL NOTE: The dForum OpenNTF Project will officially launch this coming MONDAY, NOV 29. Templates, demos, documentation, tasks, job positions, etc., will all be available at that time. Thank you everyone for your feedback and patience thus far!


The application is in an advanced state of development and is already very functional. The current version is 1.4. The current feature list is provided below. Thomas Adrian, the original author of the system, would like to donate dForum to the Notes Open Source community, with the hopes that others can continue to develop the application to add features and enhancements. A demo of the system is available at http://dforum.309.ca.


We are looking for programmers who would like to help with the development of dForum. The team will adopt a best practices approach to team-based development and tracking using OpenNTF.org as the primary project management tool.


1) Deliver a superior web discussion board platform to the Lotus community.

2) Provide ongoing updates (bug fixes, enhancements) based on feedback from the dForum community.

3) Enable a very easy to follow, well documented process for upgrades (using design templates, detailed admin documentation, etc.)