XPage Applications Homepage allows users to create their own workspace on web. They can add ‘n’ number of bookmarks on their workspace. All bookmarks give the same feel as that of the notes workspace


Make the “XPage Applications Homepage” available on your server by following these steps.

  • Download the 'XPage Applications Homepage' template from OpenNTF.
  • Make a database copy to your server from the downloaded template. There is no specified path to place the database on the server.
  • In the ACL, give [Admin] role to the administrators. “Profile” and “Run Setup” links will be visible only the users who were having the [Admin] role.
  • Then sign the database with the server id in which the database is present.
  • To check the database, type the URL of the database on the browser. It will open the application home page of the database.
    eg URL.