Move your mouse towards the arrow or swipe in from the arrow if  you're on a touch device to open.

    x3dmenue can be positioned on any side of the screen:

    // The element that will be animated in from off screen
    menuElement: document.querySelector( '.meny' )

    // The contents that gets pushed aside while Meny is active    contentsElement:
    document.querySelector( '.contents' ),
    // [optional] The alignment of the menu (top/right/bottom/left)    position
    Meny.getQuery().p || 'left',
    // [optional] The height of the menu (when using top/bottom    position)
    height: 200,
    // [optional] The width of the menu (when using left/right position)
    width: 260,
    // [optional] Distance from mouse (in pixels) when menu should open
    threshold: 40


Hint: Redundant to say, that it DOES NOT work in IE !!