TiDomino is a JavaScript module that allows Appcelerator Titanium developers to use IBM Domino programming patterns to structure local data sets and integrate with IBM Domino and XWork Applications.


TiDomino consists of 1 JavaScript file that you place in your Titanium Mobile project, and 1 Notes Database (nsf) that gets placed in your Domino or XWork Server's data directory.


Release 1.0.1


In this release, I introduce a new Notes Database called TiDomino Sample DB (tidomino_sampledb.nsf). By adding this database to your IBM Domino or XWork Server, you no longer need to create your own Notes Database to test the functionality in the TiDomino Kitchen Sink Appcelerator Application.

Simply place this Notes Database in the Server's Data Directory, sign it, and modify the ACL according to your requirements. (NOTE: I recommend referencing the Developer Guide that's part of the download to fully understand this process if you are not accustomed to it)

In the TiDomino Kitchen Sink's app.js file, you'll see most of the parameters are already set up to access this Notes Database. All you will need to do is modify the Server, Username and Password parameters.

Enjoy :)


Release 1.0.0


The first release of TiDomino offers the following functions:


  • Authenticate with an IBM Domino or XWork Server (Allows you to log in and log out).
  • Return a collection of records from a Notes Database on the IBM Domino or XWork Server.
  • Submit records to a Notes Database on the IBM Domino or XWork Server.
  • Execute an XAgent on the IBM Domino or XWork Server.


While there are only a few functions that make up the first release, they provide you with a very good starting point to integrate with your remote IBM Domino or XWork environment.