Please download the Version 1.1. The version1.0 was build incomplete.


This UpdateSite made the integration of the mandatory features and plugins for source control with subversion as repository so easy as possible.

The main reason for this project is, that some links in the installation process where broken. All I've done, was combinig all mandatory and optional features and plugins for the SVN-Teamconnector to one updatesite. Enjoy the easy deployment for your developer team.

To answer some questions, posted on twitter:

This project is the link between the Designer 8.5.3 sync to disk functionality and your subversion repository. With the embedded 8.5.3 functionality, you build a on disk representation of your work. Acording to niklas heidloffs blog Source Control with Domino Designer the update site provides you the plugins for sharing your on disk structur to the repository with the eclipse based team connector.