If you are a LotusLive Engage customer and use LotusLive Sametime you do not have the option to create and maintain public, shared, groups as you can do with on-premises Sametime. This plugin is a proof-of-concept implementation of a client side plugin that runs in the sidebar of the Lotus Notes client and does a synchronization with the Communities feature in LotusLive to create and maintain private Sametime groups based on community membership.


Code may be found in the SVN repository at https://svn-166.openntf.org/svn/Stommunity


There are 3 plugins and a feature. The 3 plugins are:

  • com.ontimesuite.lotuslive.stommunity
    Main plugin with the UI and sync code
  • org.apache.abdera
    Apache Abdera for REST service interaction
  • org.apache.abdera.client
    Apache Abdera client library for REST service interaction


The feature is:

  • com.ontimesuite.lotuslive.stommunity.feature
    Feature combining the 3 plugins into an installable unit.