This custom control uses the Google's Recaptcha API to bring captchas to your XPages 8.5.2+ instantly.

A captcha is an ui-element that can be integrated on web forms to make sure that a request is sent by a human user sitting in front of a browser. This helps the web-developer and web-administrator to prevent different kinds of automated spam or security attacks or exploits against their website or web application.


This custom control offers you:


  • Security against automated spam or security attacks

  • Accessibility to blind or visually impaired people through an audio version of the captcha

  • With the tabIndex and focusOnLoad properties the captcha integrates into the tab flow of your web-form

  • One-time-verification – if the user submits a form and solves the captcha correctly, but the validation of another field fails at the same time, the user won’t have to solve the captcha again (optional)

  • Multi-language support (8+)

  • Integration on SSL-secured sites (HTTPS)

  • OneUI theming available

  • Reload button

  • Easy to use and maintain. No jar-files or images needed. Copying the custom control into your database is all you need to do


Why I decided to use Recaptcha-API ( instead of a self-made captcha:


  • Google does ip address monitoring itself. So suspicious ip addresses are blocked automatically

  • Google assures that the captcha stays invulnerable, you don’t have to care about security tests and fixes

  • The accessibility features mentioned above


For more information take a look at the documentation document available in the “Documentation” section of this project.

Important: To use the Recaptcha Custom Control you need an individual private/public key-pair for the Recaptcha API that is used behind the scenes. So you need to sign in for an obligatory Google account at and accept their license agreement .