Phonebook sidebar plugin


Phonebook - an highly configurable Lotus Notes sidebar plugin to quickly find contacts from various contact datasources. Displays all you contacts across multiple datasources in one easy to use sidebar application. Quickly contacts, find officenumbers, cell phone numbers and chat, call, open or send e-mail to multiple contacts at once. The custom application feature allows to add CRM applications by specifying a view, a view filter and specify all column values with formula.




  • retrieve all contacts from you local adressbook
  • retrieve all contacts + people from the server adressbook(s)
  • retrieve contacts from Declan Lynch's free 'Xpages Phonebook' application (also available on OpenNTF)
  • retreive contacts from a custom application (completely editable!)
  • call option
  • send e-mail option
  • open contact card option
  • on hover show business card
  • quick filter and search options
  • a lot more, check it out


Let me know if you missing a feature and I'll investigate and maybe implement it!



Ferry Kranenburg