This is the Domino eCommerce solution used by the Lotus App Store ( An online store management system that can handle virtual as well as physical goods and can process credit cards with instant verification. 



- Shopping cart 

- Invoice emailed to purchaser on successful payment 

- Order history accessible by purchaser with invoice reprinting 

- Checkout with credit card on site (no external jump) 

- Handles virtual as well as physical goods 

- Integrates with PDQ eLearning system to handle charging for courses and exams 

- Categorization of items 

- Handles paid video access 

- Handles chargeable downloadable files (ie. software purchases) 

- Purchase options with items 

- Shipping calculations 

- Subscriptions with flexible periods (days, months, years, quarters,etc.) 

- Sales and discounts with specified end date 

- Images and video uploading 



- Enter payment processing user login and signature for Paypal Website Payments Pro service 

- Maintain items 

- View, reprint and resend invoices 

- Setup taxes, message text, other options 

- Comes preconfigured with Paypal Website Payments Pro test account 


The file posted here contains all of the definition documents and @formulas that define the report generation application. To use this application, download the free PDQ Portal CMS Developer system and copy these documents in to it (if they are not there already). All code in this application is released under the Apache License Version 2 and can be freely modified and distributed.