The Open Eclipse Update Site database is based on the OpenNTF project "Eclipse Update Site (updatesite.ntf)" from IBM with additional functionality, e.g.

    - Mac Notes Client support (no SWT error messages like in the original template)
    - View action to delete selected features from the database (no need to delete all like in the original template)
    - Support for headless builds (automatic generation of update site, e.g. in a Jenkins server): database contains an agent called "(API)" that can be called to delete all content and import an update site from the local disk

Known issue for V1.0 on the Mac:

The file selection dialog to select the “site.xml” file to import seems to have a bug on the Mac. You need to select the filter “all files” to be able to select the file (bug is fixed in V1.1).

Don't forget to sign the template before usage!