Application description:
Application 'Notes mail and calendar for IBM Connections' has been released as a part of the fourth development contest on OpenNTF.Org. Application created using xPages technology is designed to maintain an access to users mailboxes (email and calendar) located on IBM Domino server via a widget in IBM Connections environment. Application takes advantage of single sing-on between IBM Connections server and IBM Domino server and provides integration with IBM Connections activities and bookmarks.  


<strong>What is in the package?</strong></div>

a) Email &ndash; easy access to the incoming and sent emails. Users can send a new email or reply to existing one in a fast way. Users can create a new IBM Connections activity or bookmarks from email.

b) &nbsp;Calendar - an access to user&#39;s IBM Notes calendar allows to display the calendar entries in week, month, day views and creating new entries and editing the existing ones. User can create a new Connection Activity from calendar entry. &nbsp;


<strong>Technical information:</strong></div>
  • Domino 8.5.3 + Extensions Library 
  • GUI created using Twitter Bootstrap
  • xPages based
  • integrated with IBM Connections using Social Enabler

<strong>How to install:</strong></div>
  • download the installation package from openNTF
  • copy provided database to data directory on LN server and sign the design
  • add users to ACL with author or editor access based on requirements
  • users must have an access to NAB (public name and address book) as readers at least
  • setup the IBM Connections SSO and widget integration using files enclosed in the package
  • adjust URLs to your IBM Connections server in faces-config.xml file 

<strong>IBM Connections 3.0x integration features:</strong></div>

<em>a) creating new IBM Connections Activity from email and calendar entry</em></div>

User can create a new IBM Connection activity from mail message and calendar entry. The newly created activity contains subject from email message or calendar entry.&nbsp;


<em>b) creating new IBM Connections bookmark</em></div>

User can create a bookmark to selected message. The action creates a bookmark which is marked as private and which contains a link back to IBM Connections with information about the mail message ID to be opened. This email message is then displayed in widget window immediately after clicking this a link.


<em>c) creating new IBM Connection File from email attachments</em><br/>
User can create a file in IBM Connections from selected attachment without manualy downloading the file from email and uploading to connection. The entire action is completely serverside and creates the users private version of attachment file in IBM Connections environment.</div>