XPages2Eclipse is a language extension for XPages-development within the Lotus Notes Client

Find out how XPages2Eclipse simplifies the development of XPages-applications for the IBM Lotus Notes Client considerably. With the help of this extensive toolkit you will be able to develop applications, which exhaust the full potential of the local client.


XPages is the new technology of the hour for the notes/domino platform. It makes possible the development of modern and attractive applications in an up-to-date integrated development environment - the Domino Designer.

For newcomers it is often difficult to master the XPages technology due to its extensive set of features - the change from classical Notes development with LotusScript is not to be accomplished within a couple of days.
In addition to getting familiar with the usual Web standards like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, one also has to get to know the ui-library Dojo, as well as IBM specific additions like server side JavaScript (SSJS), themes or components from the Domino Extension Library.

Yet, the result at the end of this steep learning curve is quite impressive:
dynamic web user interfaces that can join data of multiple Lotus Notes databases or other data sources, if needed, or even an application for mobile devices – no traces left of the antiquated user interfaces that used to be created with classic Lotus Notes development.

Thanks to the Lotus Notes Standard Client XPages applications can also be used locally and even offline.


Expanding the boundaries of local XPages applications

Unfortunately - from the perspective of developers - it is difficult or even impossible, to offer a set of features users are familiar with when executing XPages applications locally. That is, if developers stay within the boundaries of the XPages standard.
There are hardly any standard APIs available to interact with the Lotus Notes Client or any other locally installed software.

Missing are for example:

  • Integration of existing Notes applications: filling in Notes forms and Emails with data from XPages applications, accessing documents selected in classical Notes views, running existing LotusScript code
  • Import or export of data from IBM Lotus Symphony , supporting documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • Executing document attachments with associated desktop-applications (for Windows, Linux and Mac OS)
  • Accessing the clipboard to store HTML, text, images or files
  • Executing long-running operations in the background, displaying their progress and cancelling the operation if necessary
  • Convenient features like file selection, including multi-selection, and folder selection

But it doesn't have to be this way - XPages2Eclipse comes to your rescue. It enables developers to use functions of the Rich Client, without the need to become experts in either plugin- or Java development.
Every feature of XPages2Eclipse can be used from within server side JavaScript.


XPages2Eclipse offers something for everyone


The requirements listed above are all met by XPages2Eclipse - and more!
Your users will experience a real Rich Client-feeling for XPages applications within the IBM Lotus Notes Standard Client.
As a developer you will save time and will be spared a lot of hard work to implement these functions, while enhancing consumer acceptance of your product.


More information and sample code


You can find lots of sample code and API documentation in the XPages2Eclipse wiki on the XPages2Eclipse website.