Have you ever had the need for moving data from one mail database into another one? If 'yes', have you experienced the 'nightmare' it can develop into if there are a lot of folders in both source and target databases?

This application is a tool to merge two (or more) databases into one 'common' mailbox, that being mail-in databases that can be joined together or any other legal purpose.

It can be run as a manual merge process or as an agent on any Domino server version 6.5 up to 8.5. It takes the content from any mail format from version 5 and up, and merges these into a target mail database.

If this is a messaging tool or an admin tool will be up to other users to evaluate, it is currently classified as an admin utility, since these tasks in many cases end up in the administrators lap…

Apache licensed, see http://www.opensource.org