Are you using Lotusscript Manager? check out my newest project Source Sniffer (, it's features are like Lotusscript Manager and it's fully integrated into Lotus Domino Designer as a Eclipse plugin!

Lotusscript manager is handy tool for Lotus Notes developers and can be used for code auditing

The application is completely written in visual

Full source code is included.

Compile it using the free VB.NET Express Edition.

System requirements:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Lotus Notes 8 or higher (tested on 8.5.1)

Microsoft .NET 3.5

As a Lotusscript developer for 7 years I really missed these features so in my free time I created this application.

It has almost the same functions as Teamstudio's Script Browser.

But from my experience that application doesn't search for code references in ALL design elements.

Lotus Notes 8.5.1 contains a really good new lotusscript editor, but still misses most of these functions.

The functions in this application:

  • search (multiple) databases for ALL lotusscript, javascript and formula code
  • save your code to an external xml file, use it for version management
  • compare two database designs of saved xml files and look at the differences in your code or missing (design) elements
  • find references to your functions or even design elements (where do I use my view in my code?)
  • lotusscript, javascript and formula code preview with syntax highlighting
  • open declaration for code preview
  • find unused variables or find the local declaration of a variable
  • directly open every design element in Lotus Designer.
  • add a Lotus Notes 8 or 8.5/ eclipse toolbar to your designer client (

    If you like this application or have suggestions please let me know!

    Ferry Kranenburg