Teammail has a long history on OpenNTF with different incarnations. But unfortunately, the releases are apearing and disapearing almost at will. Lastly I was looking for one for a customer and wanted to obtain the newest version of the same template I was using for years. And, found out, that it is very difficult to obtain any version of it. Not good .... At least I found an almost actual version from Ben Rose, partially translated to German by Ulrich Krause, which looked promising - my customer was looking for german template as you may have guessed by now :-)

So I took it, did the rest of the translation to German, removed some errors on the way, adapted a bit to our needs - and, here it is, available for the public again - as I think, this is a very useful template and may help a lot of people.

Ben Rose did a wonderful description of its template and instead of repeating it here, I simply link to his description, hoping it will stay even if there is no more release accessible. Read here for what you can do with it.

And yes, the current edition is German only. But let me know, if you are interested in an English version, as I may consider to port it back.