Java Charts enables you to create various types of charts (using JFreeChart) and display them on your XPage. It also provides you with ability to export these charts to PDF file (using iText). Java Charts itself is being used in Andrew Luder's OpenNTF project DominoDefrag.

Latest release - v1.3

Key features:

1. Java Charts v1.1 is available under LGPL3 so that you can use it in your proprietary applications

2. Render charts as image so that you save them on your PC or put them in your Document/ Presentation

3. You can include the date/time on which the chart was generated for reference

4. Export the charts to PDF files for archiving

5. As the charts are rendered as images, it works on all browsers & across all versions.

Type of charts:

1. Pie

2. Pie 3D

3. Ring

4. Gantt

5. Area

6. Bar

7. Bar 3D

8. Bar Layered

9. Line

10. Line 3D

11. Stacked Area

12. Stacked Bar

13. Waterfall

14. Histogram

15. Scatter