Flickr Image Slideshow is a simple slideshow that reads images from Flickr according to the parameters passed to the control.It uses and dojox.image.SlideShow.


dojox.image.SlideShow has the following features.

  • Displays a single image at a time
  • Provides navigation controls to move between images, and to start/stop the automated slideshow.
  • Can optionally pre-load images in the background so that there is no visible delay when viewing images. While this uses more bandwidth, it provides a far better user experience.
  • Links an image to a URL, so that clicking the image navigates to a specified web address. This is optional.
  • Reads image data from an implementation of the interface. This means it is completely decoupled from any particular data source, and can be used with any data source at all as long as it is a valid store. For example, the Slideshow can display images based on data in a simple text file using, can show Flickr images using, or images from Picasa Web Albums using
  • Displays the title of each image, using a template that can be simply overridden