What is Document Property Viewer (XPages)?

-          This tool allow you to check the document properties (doc id, doc size, replica etc..) and backend field properties/ values while you are accessing the XPages application on a browser.

-          This works similar to the document property window in lotus notes client

-          Now in case you are debugging an issue with the XPages application, you don’t have to go back to lotus notes client to check the backend value of your document and hidden/ visible/ system fields.



How to Use?

-          Copy the Document property custom control to your application

-          It has two features

o   You can place the custom control it on a XPages and pass the data source for which you want to show the document property.

§  Run the XPages, when user click on the document property button it would show the document property window.

o   Or you can place this custom control on a XPages with view panel and pass on the view panel name,

§  View panel should have first column as check box

§  Run the XPages, when user select a checkbox from the view panel and click on document property button it would show the document property of the selected document.

Note :

  • -          If it is a @IsNewDoc the field will be invisible.
  • -          It is recommended that only developer or people with a specific role should be given access to this control, you can set this in visibility section of custom control once you place it on a xpages.
  • -          This tool works on XPages application only, this will not work on traditional domino web apps.
  • -          This tool is Extension library independent. It is tested on 8.5.3 localhost environment only, but it should work fine on domino server environments too.
  • -          It should also work on 8.5.2 (not tested).






New Release V1.1


A Bug Fix - [check defects section for more details]


New Feature - Firefox only ( tested on latest version 16 + )

You can now check the document property with a right click >> Context Menu >> Document Property, when the document is open in firefox browser.

It is achieved  this using HTML 5 context menu property. As of now available only on Firefox browser, but should work on other browsers without any change as an when this feature is implemented on those browsers.


New Release V1.0 : 


This new version of Document Property Viewer has a new additional feature called Search by field name. Now You can search field, this would be more useful when you have more number of field and its difficult to scroll-down to get what your looking for.

Note: Search is case sensitive.

You suggestions are always welcome, post me at @anix86 – twitter or anix86@gmail.com