Döcu Mobile is an App built to enable viewing of Java and Xpages code and other relating technology information.  Take a look at the following Youtube for added info on logging, if necessary: http://youtu.be/60gGeOi_lgg


Load Döcu Mobile

Please note, this App is built with the World Wide Web in mind, however, you can modify it to fit the Client side of Lotus Notes. You can access Döcu Mobile in three ways, the first is by simply typing the following in your web browser: http://localhost/dev/documobile.nsf/index.html, the second is by typing http://localhost/dev/documobile.nsf/xpredir.xsp, the last is simple, just select the App from Applications Navigator, from Domino Designer, and click the Web Browser button above your pane; which really performs the second task mentioned in this paragraph.


Load Lotus Notes Domino Administrator

First order of business is to load Lotus Notes Domino Administrator, you can do this right from your Domino Designer Environement by going to File + Launch Domino Administrator. Once there, you will need to go the Files Tab to view your list of databases. Provided you have already copied the Döcu Mobile App into your dev folder, (1) select that dev folder, (2) right-click on the App (3) and choose Sign. 


TIP: See Documentation and Screenshots for added information...  


UPDATE: Changed video URL

version: 2013.