Döcu is a documentation dashboards application built in Java and Xpages.  Benefit from ready to go code samples, include in your own applications...  Visit our 'Read Me' documentation for system requirements, technical support, and App maintenance information.


Döcu/SQLite Set Up


Set up, Run Döcu Software:

Döcu.nsf can be loaded without logging in, by typing the following in your web browser: http://localhost/dev/docu.nsf/index.html. Please be aware, certain functions in this web application may not work if you choose to run it without authentication.


SQLite Test.db Set up:

Döcu.nsf also so includes a copy of SQLite database. You will need this Database if you want to test the login feature in this Application. Grab this database from Project Explorer of Domino Designer (DDE) 8.5.3 in this directory: WebContent/DB_FILE/ (JDBC Set Up not Necessary!)... DDE expects connection to Test.db via C:\\temp\\WEB_FILES\\SQLite\\ Alternatively, you can follow the IBM DB2 Tutorials submitted with the App to create user accounts.


Additional Housekeeping:

Benefit from sample Java Program(s) that can be used to create additional entities/user accounts on SQLite database, see the following package name 'com.dokoll.solutions.inc.database' within the App... You will need to add the SQLite Jar file to your Notes Installation Directory, and referenced in your project's Build Path. If you need help setting up Build Path info, see DB2 Tutorials included with the App, you can also view screenshots below for hints.



This software is free to use and improve. Döcu.nsf however is not perfect, as you improve it, share with your community.


Download SQLite



Download SQLiteJDBC jar file



**Additional information about setting up the Application can be found under Documentation link with this download.



Make a folder called dev in your installation directory before loading file to browser. The file needs to be added to the dev folder. Example: Lotus/Notes/Data/dev. Your URL should look like the following when Döcu.nsf is run:



References: Third party software included with Döcu.nsf
Name: main.js                                                              
JavaScript Library sample code                                             
Unless attributed, Developed by Chris Toohey | http://www.dominoGuru.com   
Developed by Robert Nyman,
Code/licensing: MIT                 
Name: Break-out-of-frames         
JavaScript sample code           
Break-out-of-frames script            
By Website Abstraction and Java-Scripts.net                                  

Code/licensing: wsabstract.com  | java-scripts.net            
Name: iwebkit.css               
Cascading Stylesheets sample code                                 
iWebKit css 5.04 by Christopher Plieger                                    

Code/licensing: SnippetSpace  | Christopher Plieger                        

Name: Test.db               
SQLite Database                                              

Code/licensing: SQLite.org                                          


Version: 2012.
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