This is a Notes database. Although I used ver7 to create it, the code works just fine with R5 and above. This will collect information on the fly of all the databases that match your search criteria or use asterisk to collect information about every database (nsf) on your server, or local. This will remember each time you execute, so you can monitor changes ea. week/month and show differences across servers. Find out if you have scheduled agents set to run on incorrect servers! Find out if one ACL is different from another replica&#39;s ACL. See which are full text indexed or scroll through a view of all databases and see the &#39;maximum internet access&#39; settings. Useful things to know when you are managing a lot of databases.</p>

    I manage many servers and have unique security settings based upon which server that database resides. This tool has been very helpful and I hope someone here finds use for it too. The button used to launch the agent is above the menu! - I suppose I should have made this more obvious. Push &#39;Audit Server Content&#39; and the popup will then ask for a server name... type one... or &#39;Local&#39; then the next popup will ask for search criteria... if you type names... then it will search your server for filenames with &#39;names&#39; within it&#39;s name... it&#39;s not case sensitive. Then sit back and watch as it trolls your server collecting tons of info, then a popup reports how many database were looked at, and how many matched your search criteria. That&#39;s about it, there are some helpful buttons to easily open the ACL to make your fixes. I&#39;ll often just delete all the documents when I&#39;m done and run it again, however if you keep them you can easily see which were created on each day so you can track changes. Your feedback is welcomed. Enjoy.<br/>
    Edit: Users were calling me with new problems in some applications: They could not copy selected text, nor even print documents. The reason was an ACL setting was incorrect. I needed a report which showed me which users, and in which databases, someone did not have this privilege. Now the agent collects this info. The view is called &#39;w/o Copy and Replicate&#39;. </div>