BEGIN and END Your Work day with IBM Connections - Go SOCIAL ! Work SOCIAL !! Live SOCIAL !!!


Attendance Widget acts as an interactive interface to integrate the Attendance Tracking System with IBM Connections. In any Organization, an employee starts their work day with keying in their presence to work through an Attendance system. By Integrating the attendance system with IBM Connections, we can also make the users to get socialize every day by logging in IBM Connections, keying attendance followed by tracking the happenings in the organization through our IBM Connections, Communities, Wikis,directory, profiles, blogs etc. 

This Attendance Widget enhances the employee interactions, from the point they Check In the Attendance system  through IBM Connections to the point they Check Out, during which they are accessing the Social media throughout their active time and enables them to contribute more to the linked community.

It also enables them to view their attendance reports and the web pages are designed with XPages which gives better User Interface, intuitive framework and swift response in the web interface. 

NOTE: Please refer the attached User Manual for the steps to integrate the widget in your Social setup.