Important Note

This project's former name is "Mobile Admin" but due to trademark issues, I had to change project name to "Agent Trigger".

In addition Agent Trigger (formerly known "Mobile Admin") is 2nd winner of 2nd Development Contest sponsored by IBM Business Partner We4IT.


1. Application Description


“Agent Trigger” has been released as a part of the 2nd Development Contest on OpenNTF.org sponsored by IBM Business Partner We4IT. Application is designed to trigger Agents & Server Console Commands. It’s working online and you need to have at least Console Admin on Lotus Domino server to use this application.

You can trigger your agents and console commands on any Lotus Domino server in your organization.

Just place “Agent Trigger” application on your server and begin to console your server.

In short, you can do following operations with Agent Trigger :

  • Send a console command to the server
  • List & Trigger scheduled agents from any database
  • Save frequently used console commands to My Favorite Commands section
  • Save frequently used agents to My Favorite Agents section
  • Do listed operations on any server which registered in the same domino domain

Application uses fully XPages technology and Mobile controls which are distributed with Extension Library 8.5.3. So you don’t need to install any other package to use it.

Also Agent Trigger includes built-in Dojo Login Interface.


2. Technical Details

Lotus Domino 8.5.3 compatible

GUI created using Extension Library (19 Nov 2011 Release # 853-20111117-1058) - Mobile Controls

Working in the desktop browsers (IE 8, Chrome), iPhone/iPad, Android phones and tablets.


3. How to Install


  •         Download the installation package
  • Copy provided databases (ma.nsf and ma_log.nsf, place these dbs in same directory) to data directory on Lotus Domino Server. Sign the designs with Server ID.
  • (Catalog) Catalog.nsf database must be full-text indexed.
  • Agent Trigger (ma.nsf) >>> Change [Default] access in ACL as your wish.
  • Agent Trigger (ma.nsf) >>> Anonymous has to be “Reader” with “Write Public Documents” access
  • Agent Trigger (ma.nsf) >>> User must be a member of Full Remote Console Admin or Administrators groups in Domino Directory (Security Tab).
  • Agent Trigger (ma.nsf) >>> Configure Log & Reporter Agent settings using;
    • Actions \ Admin \ 01. Config agent
    • Actions \ Admin \ 02. Log Reporter Settings agent
  • Agent Trigger (Log) (ma_log.nsf) >>> Change [Default] access to “Author” with “Create documents” access in ACL.