The ASND Server Resource Facility has a very simple purpose:

Allow Domino administrators to manage the transfer of file based resources that are available on the Domino Servers in their environment.

Many organizations like to standardize on the tools used on their web applications and xPages. This can easily be accomplished by copying the standard files to every database......on every server. Or the admin can add the files to the notesdata\domino\ directory on every server. Of course, when servers are upgraded or new servers are deployed, the admin has to remember to move the files. And when the newest version of the developers shiniest tool is released, the admin will have to make sure it gets moved to all the right servers. Again. And Again. Doesn't that sound like fun?

The ASND Server Resource Facility makes this as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Replicate the database to every server that you want to manage files on.
  2. Complete a form for each file with the file location, servers to transfer to, and the file attachment to be managed.
  3. Go back to doing other, more difficult things!

The ASND Server Resource Facility will check each server for the existence of the file and, if it doesn't exist, transfer the file to the correct location. Now, developers will be able to reference JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, and Image files with a relative server path and administrators will be able to control the files and versions that are available for use.

Simple. Elegant. Powerful.