A JavaScript API that allows the developer to add NAB Name Picker Functionality to their forms

(see Screenshots for what it looks like)

The API uses AJAX, using the YAHOO 2.2.0 UI framework (tweaked for Dom Servers) to query the NAB based on the characters typed by the user. It then returns the selected NAME and other NAB information about the selected person to the form and updates the required NAMES field. It can be tailored to update other fields with the additional material returned from the NAB.

The API does NOT require any changes to be made to the NAB

See the USING document in the attached file for a full explanation of this project

Multiple name Selection functionality available from V1.2.0 onwards

V1.0.1 - Now includes a TYPEAHEAD formatted NAB lookup Popup - See Screenshots

V1.0.2 - Bug Fix - Fixed the URL problem when a document was editied - See Bugs for details

V1.2.0 - Now contains support for MULTIPLE NAME selection fields

V1.2.1 - Now contains support for Lookups across multiple PABs

V1.2.2 - Single-Quote bug reported by Vlad fixed (thanks Vlad!)

V1.2.3 - NP_add2Select() when no entry selected bug Fixed by Vlad - Thanks again well Spotted!

V1.2.4 - Cursor and key enablement after a request from Martin (thanks!)

V1.2.5 - Various functional changes as suggested by Carl Tyler (See Whats New)

V2.0 - Rewrite of the JavaScript library removing the need for the Yahoo libraries