Both tools are incorporated into one database:

The ACL Tool can be used to manage the database ACL on one or multiple servers. You can create configuration documents and specify a lot of options to change, modify or remove ACL entries. There is also an option to apply a setting only to the owner of a mailfile.


Using the Cluster tool, you don‘t have to care about creating replicas of all databases on both cluster servers or running a regular cluster analysis. You can just create a configuration, specify some options and the tool checks automatically the defined databases and directories and creates replicas if necessary.

Feel free to download and use it on your servers.

Feedback is very welcome (positive, negative, bugs, improvement requests, etc…).
I’m not very good in ui development, maybe a smart XPage developer out there wants to add a nice looking interface?

Please, don‘t blame me for the code!

It has been adjusted, changed and extended over years.
If I would have to do it again, I guess I would make many things different.
But it is working and hopefully it can help someone in its daily job.

Changes in version 3.1:

Sending a report is now possible (in addition to creating the replicas or sending only the report).
See more details in the “Using this Application” document.

To update your existing database, just assign a template name to the downloaded database and replace the design of your existing database.
But don’t forget to sign it again…