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Getting involved

OpenNTF was started with the belief that there were a lot of people who wanted to help the Notes/Domino community in some way. One of the problems is the lack of Notes templates that ship with the base product, as well as applications available on the Internet. A lot of organizations have to spend time and resources developing applications, and our goal is to provide a source for applications of different types that can be downloaded and modified to fit into the organization.

A good example of this is the
OpenNTF Mail Experience template which was developed by a group of people who took the base Notes mail template and worked together to add features that people have often asked for, but did not have the time to add themselves.

In order to provide these applications we need people who are willing to contribute some time to either work on development, testing or even simply giving suggestions for new applications or modifications to existing applications. OpenNTF provides a framework to people who wish to start a project and develop an application, make feature requests or point out bugs in applications which lets the project owner manage the application in a structured manner. It allows project owners to create task lists and let anybody who has time take up a task and contribute to the project, and of course last but not least, it provides a place where people can come and get a bunch of applications that they will probably not find for free anywhere else!

If you wish to help on an existing project, click on
Projects->Current in the menu, or use the Project selector on the home page to jump to the project that sounds interesting to you. For each project you can view the project overview, feature requests, bugs reported, news and discussions about the project.