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Intrapages - The Social Intranet - Review: Intrapages version 3.0 - excellent!

I have tested intrapages almost from it's first release. At first I did not like the application so much because of the interface and different silo's but with version 3.0 a newer look and more functionality users are appreciating the application. We do not use it as a companywide intranet but a broader "teamroom" application. Since users get more to 'acting social' in their private life they "understand" more quickly how intrapages can help them with their daily business. Although we do give support on users the number of incidents we receive is little. Administrators do need help with getting started and understanding the app, so there we guide them. Perhaps the application's versatility is also it's weakness: the application delivers a lot but does not excels in a particular function. Nevertheless a great app. We have not tried to alter the presentation layer (yet) but probably will.

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