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Welcome to OpenNTF.org

The Mission of OpenNTF is to support the open source projects hosted at OpenNTF.Org. OpenNTF provides the framework to develop open source applications which may be freely distributed.

Browse the catalogs to find the latests releases you're looking for which have been made available under the Apache license or under the GPL license. Browse the project area to find the latest project updates before they have been cleared.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Peter Tanner | 6:34:11 AM Monday, March 30, 2015 | Full Story and Comments
Dear OpenNTF Member,

On Thursday, April 23, 2015 from 11am-12pm EDT, OpenNTF will be hosting its Annual General Meeting (AGM). The meeting will be held via a teleconference and the dial in numbers are listed below. Here is the agenda for the meeting:


1) Meeting called to order

2) Introductions - OpenNTF Board and Committee Heads

3) Chairman's Report

4) Financial Report

5)  Technical Committee Working Group Report

6) Marketing Group Report

7) IP Working Group Report

8) OpenNTF Conference

9) Open Discussion

10) Adjourn meeting

Country Toll Numbers and Toll Free Numbers:

AUSTRIA 43-1-92-86-505
CANADA 888-426-6840
CHINA* 86-400-810-4763
GERMANY 0800-000-1018
NETHERLANDS 0-800-363-6036
USA 888-426-6840
USA   Caller Paid 215-861-6239
United Kingdom Caller Paid 0-20-30596451
United Kingdom Toll-Free 0800-368-0638
Denmark   Caller Paid 32711870
Denmark   Toll-Free 80-717000

More country numbers:
Participant Passcode:  

OpenNTF at Engage

Paul Withers | 11:44:15 AM Friday, March 27, 2015 | Full Story and Comments
Next week sees the second user group conference of the month, with Engage taking place in the beautiful city of Ghent in Belgium. The conference runs on Monday 30th March and Tuesday 31st March at two venues. The Aula van de universiteit Gent hosts the keynote and Het Pand ("The Property") hosts the main part of the conference. As at ICS.UG Kramer Reeves will be delivering the keynote, no doubt with IBM Verse top of the agenda bearing in mind General Availability is due the following day. In addition a number of OpenNTF Board Members (past and present) will be speaking, including:

Dev01. From XPages Hero To OSGi Guru: Taking The Scary Out Of Building Extension Libraries
Com03. Become your company's Meeting Hero!
OpenNTF Chairman will again deliver the popular session from IBM ConnectED on how to move from copying and pasting design elements in XPages to contributing them server-wide in an extension library. He will then join his colleague Roman Weber in a sponsor session about the do's and don'ts to make a meeting a success.

Dev10. App.Next - The Future of Domino Application Development
Dev05. Bluemix - Now here's something NEW for Domino Developers
Board member Martin Donnelly will be presenting with Pete Janzen on the latest enhancements to Domino, no doubt covering the recent release of Extension Library and the latest developments to XPages and Domino on Bluemix.
Martin will then be diving deeper into Bluemix with Niklas Heidloff.

Dev07. The Graph Revolution
Board member Nathan Freeman will be reprising his session from ICS.UG, explaining why the opinion that you need RDBMS for big data is wrong and why, if you want to do big data, you should be using graph databases in Domino with OpenNTF Domino API.

Dev08. Transformations - Smart Application Migration
Board member Oliver Busse will reprise his session from ICS.UG covering some commonly-encountered design patterns when migrating "legacy" applications to XPages.

Dev12. 10 Mistakes You and Every XPages Developer Make. Yes, I said YOU!
Board member Serdar Basegmez will give some code samples and best practices to help XPages developers avoid some common pitfalls.

Dev09. Jedi and Sith: OpenNTF Domino API and CrossWorlds
Board member Paul Withers will join with Daniele Vistalli on enhancements with OpenNTF Domino API and how it has been used to develop using the Domino object model on Websphere Liberty, before showing what can be done when you move beyond XPages.

Dev14. Just a View: An Introduction To Model-View-Controller Pattern in XPages
Former board member Ulrich Krause will also be reprising his session from ICS.UG to bring developers up to speed on MVC development.

Dev04. The Future of Web Development - Write Once, Run Everywhere with AngularJS and Domino
Former Board Member Mark Leusink will deliver his popular session from IBM ConnectED on using AngularJS and DAS to create a web app that can be deployed on any web server.

Free Beer
As at ICS.UG, OpenNTF will also be sponsoring the bar during SpeedSponsoring on Monday evening. So enjoy a beer....and don't forget to speak to board members and others involved with OpenNTF during the two days.

Jump into Spring with the latest XPages Extension Library

Padraic Edwards | 6:53:20 AM Wednesday, March 25, 2015 | Full Story and Comments
After a long cold winter, we are happy to jump into Spring with the twelfth XPages Extension Library release for Notes/Domino 9.0.1. Just like the daffodils, tulips and other early bloomers in your garden, this ExtLib release represents new growth that will bring a smile to your face.

In this new release of the XPages Extension Library, some new controls and a new configuration for the Application Layout control have been added to the Bootstrap plugin. The new Carousel, Dashboard, and Navbar controls further enhance the Responsive tool set available to XPages application developers. The Simple Responsive Application Layout Configuration has more of a focus on responsive capabilities, and is designed to be quick and easy to configure whilst still providing plenty of functionality. To help you understand how you can benefit from these new features, we are including a new demonstration application named "ToDo.nsf."  This application lets you do straight-forward ToDo task tracking but has been designed using all of the latest responsive & Bootstrap features provided with the ExtLib. It specifically uses a Bootstrap theme, glyphicons, jQuery, and the new XPages Bootstrap controls.

Building on the community contribution model introduced late in 2014, this release includes community developed enhancements and fixes from the XPagesExtensionLibrary project on GitHub. The result is an improved Value Picker control, a new Simple Action for showing and hiding In Place Form controls, and improved OneUIV302 rendering. The Domino Designer tooling has also had some bug fixes applied based on defects reported through the community.

We hope the developer community finds the latest XPages Extension Library release to be a useful tool for growing new applications!

--Pete Janzen

NOTE: Please be aware of technote SWG21696682 as it affects the installation of the Extension Library if the UpdateSite.nsf method is used.


Paul Withers | 7:19:18 AM Thursday, February 19, 2015 | Full Story and Comments
March is a busy month for user groups in Europe, with two heavyweight events occurring back to back.

On Thursday 26th and Friday 27th March, ICS.UG event is taking place at ATLANTIC Grand Hotel in Bremen, Germany. Kramer Reeves will be delivering the keynote, no doubt with IBM Verse top of the agenda (by then it should be imminently hitting General Availability). In addition a number of OpenNTF Board Members (past and present) will be speaking, including:

Vom XPages Held zum OSGI Guru! – Wie man eine Extensionlibrary entwickelt
OpenNTF – 2015 Edition
Chairman Christian Guedemann will deliver two sessions. The first  is the popular session from IBM ConnectED on how to move from copying and pasting design elements in XPages to contributing them server-wide in an extension library. The second will cover some of what's already available on OpenNTF and how we plan to evolve in 2015.

Fix & fertig: Best Practices für "XPages-Migranten" 
Getting started with Bluemix and custom development 
Board Member Oliver Busse will deliver two sessions. The first will cover some commonly-encountered design patterns when migrating "legacy" applications to XPages. The second will show how to get started at building, testing and deploying applications on IBM Bluemix.

The Graph Revolution
Board Member Nathan Freeman will explain why the opinion that you need RDBMS for big data is wrong and why, if you want to do big data, you should be using graph databases in Domino with OpenNTF Domino API.

Security and Compliance for IBM Domino Servers
Just a View: An Introduction To Model-View-Controller Pattern in XPages
Former Board Member Ulrich Krause will deliver two sessions. The first is with Olaf Börner covering five common pitfalls in Domino security and their remedies. The second will help XPages developers get up to speed with an MVC methodology.

The Future of Web Development - Write Once, Run Everywhere with AngularJS and Domino 
Former Board Member Mark Leusink will deliver his popular session from IBM ConnectED on using AngularJS and DAS to create a web app that can be deployed on any web server.

Free Beer
OpenNTF will also be sponsoring the bar during SpeedSponsoring on Thursday evening. So enjoy a beer....and don't forget to speak to board members and others involved with OpenNTF during the two days.

#IBMNotes25 - The Party

Christian Guedemann | 10:21:52 AM Monday, January 19, 2015 | Full Story and Comments
Could you imagine building a tower only with news paper and some duck tape? Or are you fast enough to build a puzzle of 100 pieces in under 5 minutes. You can prove this and more at the unofficial 25 anniversary of IBM Notes party, organized by the IBM Champions, SocialBizUG and OpenNTF.

Where: Swan Crescent Terrace
When: Monday 7.30 - 8.30pm

But there is more! You can not only attend the party, you can be part of the party.

We are looking for volunteers to help us run the party! There are a lot of small jobs around the activities open. All you have to do is:
- Come to IBM ConnectED 2015
- Ping me (@guedewebgate) or OpenNTF on Twitter with #IBMNotes25 - I volunteer
- Come to the reception area (Swan Crescent Terrace) Monday 7.00 pm
All instructions will be given then!

See you there!

OpenNTF @ IBM ConnectED

Paul Withers | 5:30:56 PM Sunday, January 18, 2015 | Full Story and Comments
With less than a week to go until IBM ConnectED, it's a good time to announce what OpenNTF and its board members will be doing at the conference. Because of the smaller conference, OpenNTF have not been able to secure a booth in the sponsor area this year. But OpenNTF and its board members will be very active around the conference.

A picture named M2
IBM Champions / OpenNTF / SocialBizUG Reception, Monday 7.30 - 8.30pm, Swan Crescent Terrace
OpenNTF will join with the IBM Champions program and SocialBizUG to host a reception on Monday evening, after the Showcase Reception. The reception will have the theme of 25 years of Notes and will be hosted by Mat Newman. There will be various activities organised, so come along.

Various OpenNTF board members will be involved in sessions during the week. In session order, here they are:

XPages Performance and Scalability (MAS103), Sunday 2.15 - 3.15pm, Swan 7-10
OpenNTF board member Paul Withers co-presents with Tony McGuckin with advice for all XPages developers on optimising performance and scalaibility in XPages applications.

IBM Domino Applications on Cloud (MAS104), Sunday 3.45 - 4.45pm, Swan 7-10
OpenNTF Chairman Christian Guedemann co-presents with Pete Janzen to give technical, architectural and licensing recommendations when moving to the cloud. XPages and cloud development will be a big theme for this conference, so it's worth attending.

IBM Domino Applications on Bluemix (AD201), Monday 2.15 - 3.15pm, Dolphin S Hemisphere 2
OpenNTF board member Martin Donnelly will talk about how to use buildpacks like XPages and node.js to leverage Domino on Bluemix.

Bring Your Application to the Next Level with Open Source Software from OpenNTF (CHALK101), Tuesday 7.00 - 7.45am, Swan 1-2
Join OpenNTF Chairman Christian Guedemann and board members for a discussion about all things OpenNTF.

OpenNTF Domino API: The Community API (CHALK102), Tuesday 6.15 - 7.00pm, Swan 1-2
Join OpenNTF board members Paul Withers, Nathan T Freeman and Jesse Gallagher with other contributors and consumers of OpenNTF Domino API to find out why it's a game-changer for XPages. And hear about the latest big OpenNTF project, CrossWorlds, which uses the API to help developers build Websphere Liberty Profile applications that use Domino as a back-end database.

IBM Domino Application Development (CHALK201), Wednesday 7.00 - 7.45am, Swan 1-2
Join the IBM XPages development team, including OpenNTF board member Martin Donnelly, for a lively discussion about all things XPages.

From XPages Hero To OSGi Guru: Taking The Scary Out Of Building Extension Libraries (BP106), Wednesday 8.30 - 9.30am, Swan 3-4
OpenNTF Chairman Christian Guedemann and fellow board member Paul Withers give a deep dive introduction to debugging and building OSGi plugins to enhance reusability within your XPages applications.

GURUpalooza (GURU101), Wednesday 10.30 - 11.30am, Swan 5-6
All the speakers from the Best Practices track, including OpenNTF board members, will be on stage to answer your questions in what is arguably the most exciting session of the conference.

Ask the Developers and Product Managers, Wednesday 11.45 - 12.45, Swan 5-6
OpenNTF board member Martin Donnelly will join his fellow IBMers to answer the audience's questions.

In addition to the sessions, OpenNTF board members and committers will be active throughout the conference. So come and meet us. The current board members can be found on the People behind OpenNTF page.

XPages Extension Library Stocking Filler

Padraic Edwards | 9:50:58 AM Friday, December 19, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Hopefully the eleventh XPages Extension Library release for Notes/Domino 9.0.1 will serve as a nice stocking filler for you all as 2014 draws to close.  It's been a great year for XPages on OpenNTF with a total of nine releases delivering lots of new features and fixes. This new release is notable for two things in particular.  First, it contains a bunch of fixes and improvements relating to the Bootstrap-based responsive design offering that shipped in the previous release (901v00_10.20141105-0922). These will help improve what was already a good out-of-the-box experience - thanks to all who gave feedback, I see that release has exactly 800 downloads as I write !

The second item of particular note is that this new release is the first to contain fixes originating from our community!  It was our pleasure to accept code changes from the XPagesExtensionLibrary project on GitHub and integrate these into the XPages core through the process described in our November SocialBiz user group webcast.

Having proven that the open source process works for us, we look forward to developing more activity and participation in this space in 2015. And with that, it's time for me to wish everyone a happy festive season and prosperous new year on behalf of the XPages team. See you all in 2015.

Martin Donnelly | @TweeterDonnelly

XPages Goes Responsive

Padraic Edwards | 11:10:17 AM Thursday, December 4, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
As was recently announced, Bootstrap is now part of the OpenNTF XPages Extension Library, added in release 10. The ExtLib includes a new plugin that contains Bootstrap 3.2.0, providing new renderers for the XPage core controls, the ExtLib controls, and two new Bootstrap themes.  An added benefit of supporting Bootstrap is that the ExtLib now includes jQuery 2.1.1, giving XPages developers the power to use jQuery in their apps as well.

As most XPages developers know, Responsive Web Design has become an essential part of the web development world. Not only does it allow developers to build an app which delivers an appropriate form factor for everything from a desktop browser to tablet to smartphone, but it also delivers a more modern looking UI. Bootstrap is one of the most popular responsive frameworks and there has been a lot of blogging about how to use it in XPages applications in recent times.

In 2013, the Bootstrap4XPages project was released on OpenNTF, allowing XPages developers to create Responsive applications by installing a Bootstrap library. But now that Bootstrap is part of the XPages ExtLib, it is easier than ever to use Bootstrap in XPages. So, go get the latest version of the XPages Extension Library (v901_00_10) and get responsive!

To get you going, Brian Gleeson from the XPages team in IBM has created this video about making your XPages apps responsive:

Latest Release of Extension Library Brings Bootstrap, jQuery, Responsive Design and More

Paul Withers | 3:43:58 PM Wednesday, November 19, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
For the XPages community, this week has seen some significant announcements and releases on OpenNTF. Indeed, I don't think it's hyperbole to say this is the most significant addition of functionality since the Extensibility API and the Extension Library itself. Covering everything was a webinar yesterday reviewing progress on the Extension Library this year. If you missed it, the webinar is available on replay.

The Extension Library was at the core of the announcements. The latest release has come hot on the heels of bringing the RDBMS components from ExtLibX into the core Extension Library. This release brings another significant project into the core, namely Bootstrap4XPages to offer responsive web design. It uses Bootstrap 3.2.0 and jQuery 2.1.1, although jQuery can also be used without needing to use a Bootstrap theme. One point to note is that in the current release the Select2 control is not included, but this release of the Extension Library can co-exist with Bootstrap4XPages. This all means extension to the Application Layout wizard. On top of all this additional functionality, there are about 100 bug fixes.

The most significant announcement around the Extension Library is that the source code is also available on GitHub. This is significant because it is now easier to fork the Extension Library code AND merge in changes as and when they're released. Not only that, but pull requests can be submitted, allowing the community to get involved in fixing and enhancing the Extension Library. The slide outlining the process is below.

A picture named M2

But there has also been a significant change in the structure of the project, namely using Maven as a build management system for continuous integration. This means the Eclipse projects that comprise the Extension Library have been reorganised and need to be installed in Eclipse differently. It also means that an additional package of the Domino runtime jars needs to be available.

This is the reason behind the other major release on OpenNTF this week from the IBM XPages developers, namely the IBM Domino Update Site for Build Management. And as that wasn't enough additional functionality, there will also be another project coming soon to OpenNTF to allow localization translations to be processed and submitted.

Hopefully many developers are already familiar with plugin development, but many will not be familiar with Maven. So it's worth taking a few moments to cover how to set up your environment.

1. The first step is to install Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers. The good thing about Eclipse is you can install multiple versions. I'd strongly recommend the latest version, Luna, because the relevant Maven plugins are automatically installed.
2. Install XPages SDK for Eclipse RCP project from OpenNTF into Eclipse. This is an Update Site, so it's the same underlying process to install in Eclipse as it is to install the Extension Library (or any other OSGi plugin) into Domino Designer. The main difference is that instead of File > Application > Install, you select Help > Install New Software.... Once installed and Eclipse has restarted, you will need to point to your Notes and Domino install locations in Window > Preferences, ensuring the tick is enabled to automatically create JRE. Then switch to the Domino or Notes JRE, changing the compiler settings when prompted to Java 1.6. By choosing the relevant JRE, it can be used for debugging and compiling OSGi plugins. Without it, any use of Domino classes (e.g. Session, Database etc) would throw errors.
3. In Preferences, go to Target Platform and click Add. Select Template and choose Domino Install Target or Notes Install Target.
3. Download the IBM Domino Update Site for Build Management and unzip it to C:\UpdateSite. If you can't unzip it to that location, you can unzip it to a different location.  But you'll need to amend any references in projects to it. The only one for the Extension Library is in pom.xml in the com.ibm.xsp.extlib.parent project.
4. For building in Eclipse you will need some additional plugins for Maven and Tycho. The good news is all you need is already installed in Eclipse Luna or gets installed when you install the Extension Library.

Now you're ready to debug or extend the Extension Library.
5. Open the Extension Library on GitHub.
6. Click the Fork button and fork into a GitHub repository of your own.
7. Pull down a local repository from your GitHub repository. Most Domino developers use SourceTree for interaction with GitHub. You can clone a repository and point to the URL of your GitHub repository.
8. Import the plugin projects into Eclipse. There is a significant difference for importing any plugins that use Maven (they're easy to spot because they will include a pom.xml in each plugin). You need to select File > Import, then choose Maven > Existing Maven Projects.
9. When prompted to setup Maven plugin connectors, do so. These are the tycho plugins required for Eclipse to kick off the maven build process.
10. To build, just right-click the com.ibm.xsp.extlib.parent project and select Run As > Maven Install. All projects in the Extension Library will be built directly in Eclipse.

notes.jar is a restricted jar file. So if it's not already been changed, you will need to go to Window > Preferences and go to the Java > Compiler > Errors/Warnings and in the Deprecated and restricted API section change Forbidden reference (access rules) from Error to at the highest Warning.

OpenNTF at November User Groups

Paul Withers | 4:50:34 PM Thursday, November 13, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Next week two board members, Christian Guedemann and Nathan T Freeman, will be representing OpenNTF at DanNotes. On Wednesday 14:30 Christian and Nathan will be presenting a session together entitled "OpenNTF and open source for developers", detailing plans for OpenNTF over the year to come.

On Thursday, there are three more sessions by Nathan or Christian:

09:30 OpenNTF, Graphs, and Revolutions by Nathan T Freeman

Problem: Your Domino domain has thousands of isolated data silos with unstructured documents, increasing index demands and limited data types. Solution: The OpenNTF Domino API can flatten your entire Domino environment into a single Graph database, enforcing schemas, eliminate views, and allow almost unlimited data types, turning your Domino servers into a secure enterprise data service. All with free, open source software and all right now. Come see how you can join this revolution.

11:30 Developing for Developer - The art of plugin development by Christian Guedemann

XPages development is becoming more and more common and commodity. But there are new ground to claim and the extensibility of the XSP platform allows developer to develop for developers. But how to start? What are the common pitfalls? And how to build an extension that has an influence to the community? Lets have an open and interactive discussion according the approach that we have taken for POI4XPages and the XPages Toolkit.

13:30 "It worked before" – JUnit Testing in XPages by Christian Guedemann

Writing clean code is a form of art. Writing clean code that works, is the high target. But how can I be sure that my last change not affects functionality of existing code?
Test-driven Development (TDD) is a way of developing application that covers this ground. Thanks to the new org.openntf.junit.xsp plugin, this way of developing application is now available for XPage developer.
Learn how TDD can be used in XPages projects and why the use of TDD has a positive effect of the presenters work-life balance. Get first hand experience how TDD has worked in a huge project and how the employees could be engaged. Get inspired to use TDD in your next project to produce clean code that works.

OpenNTF will also be beer sponsor at DanNotes, a first step in raising the profile of OpenNTF at user groups. So any attendees wanting to learn more about OpenNTF, find out how to become more involved in the community or wanting to discuss OpenNTF should seek out Christian or Nathan. Per Henrik Lausten, who recently stepped down as board member but is still involved with the community, will also be attending as one of the organisers of DanNotes.

It has been a busy week for User Group meetings. Christian has been speaking about OpenNTF at SNoUG, the Swiss Notes User Group. Christian spoke on test-driven development at DNUG in the developer track. That track was managed by Oliver Busse, who recently joined the OpenNTF board. Also speaking at DNUG was Niklas Heidloff, another former board member.

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