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The Mission of OpenNTF is to support the open source projects hosted at OpenNTF.Org. OpenNTF provides the framework to develop open source applications which may be freely distributed.

Browse the catalogs to find the latests releases you're looking for which have been made available under the Apache license or under the GPL license. Browse the project area to find the latest project updates before they have been cleared.

XPages RDBMS Support - Recent Improvements

Niklas Heidloff | 3:59:46 AM Thursday, August 21, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Below is a video from Brian Gleeson from the XPages team about improvements to the relational database support.

"In recent releases of the XPages Extension Library, there have been a number of changes and additions to the feature that supports Relational Databases in XPages applications. To ensure that the XPages community is aware of these changes and their impact, the XPages development team has created the video below.

The video is in two parts and each part covers the following topics:

Part 1
- The move of the XPages relational plugin from ExtLibX into the main Extlib branch and the  effects of this move.
- The addition of the new JDBC Driver Plugin Wizard feature in Domino Designer and how to use this feature.
- The addition of support for Apache Commons DBCP 1.4

Part 2
- A refresher section on how to set up and use the relational database support capabilities in XPages applications.  This includes examples that use IBM DB2, MySQL & Microsoft SQL Server.

In summary,  the first part of the video brings you the most up-to-date information on all the latest improvements in this area. The second part serves as an up-to-date reference for anyone starting out with using this feature for the first time."

On OpenNTF: xspless - a LESS CSS Builder for Domino Designer

Mark Leusink | 4:10:00 AM Thursday, July 3, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
LESS (Leaner CSS) is a dynamic stylesheet language that allows you to use variables, nesting, functions (and more) in your CSS file. LESS files can be compiled into plain CSS file. xspless is the name of a new project that Jesse Gallagher created. It is a LESS CSS Builder for Domino Designer. From the documentation:

"This is an Eclipse builder plugin for Designer. By installing this plugin, right-clicking on an application, and choosing "Add/Remove LESS CSS Nature", it allows Designer to automatically compile LESS files to normal CSS versions. It matches two types: stylesheet resources with names in the form "foo.less.css" (because Designer automatically appends the ".css"), in which case it creates a file named "foo.css" next to it, and file resources elsewhere (e.g. File Resources or WebContent) with names in the form "foo.less", in which case it creates a new file next to it named "foo.less.css" (to avoid overwriting similarly-named normal-CSS files)."

In short: if you add a mystyles.less file to the WebContent folder, Domino Designer will automatically (when the application is "build") create a mystyles.css file in the same folder containing the compiled CSS version of the LESS source file. The download comes with the full source of the project: it also is a good example on how to extend Designer's build process.

A picture named M2

On OpenNTF: PC Config - easy inventarisation of hard- & software

Mark Leusink | 2:30:00 AM Wednesday, July 2, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Dominic Shields just released v0.23 of PC Config. This Notes client application can collect all types of information from the PC it runs on with a single click. It allows you to easily get an overview of the hard- and software in your organisation. Out of the box it shows you the collected information in various views (by OS, CPU, RAM, User, Drive space, etc.). It can also create (Excel) charts from the data it collected.

Examples of the information it collects are:
  • OS, CPU, RAM, Hard disk (usage)
  • Network drives and configuration (IP, subnet, DNS, etc.)
  • Installed software (information retrieved from the registry)
  • IBM Notes version installed
  • Internet Explorer version installed
  • Printers

Note that, as the name already indicates, this application runs on a PC only. The screenshots were taken using a Windows VM running on my Mac.

A picture named M2

Latest Release of XPages Extension Library Improves RDB Support

Peter Janzen | 12:14:30 AM Tuesday, July 1, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
The 7th 9.0.1 release of the  XPages Extension Library is now available on OpenNTF. Besides providing a number of fixes for existing features, this release focuses on improving support for using Relational Databases as a data source. First and foremost, the Relational Database plugin has been moved out of ExtlibX and into the main Extlib branch. This now means that when you install v901_r07 of the Extension Library or subsequent releases, relational database support in XPages will be installed by default. Enhancements to Relational Database support include the following

- JDBC Driver Plug-in Wizard in Domino Designer - This feature simplifies the steps needed to creates an OSGi plugin wrapper for a JDBC driver
- Improved Logging with RDBMS - Increased number & quality of logging messages for debugging the RDBMS support in XPages

Detailed information on Relational Database data source enhancements can be found in the Release Notes. These enhancements, along with the addition of the Apache DBCP support for connection pooling in the 5th 9.0.1 release, improve XPages developers ability to work with relational data.

On OpenNTF: ID Vault Scanner for a Hybrid Company using IBM SmartCloud Notes

Niklas Heidloff | 1:51:58 AM Monday, June 30, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Shankar Venkatachalam and J. Rajendran have published a new project on OpenNTF, called SCN ID Vault Scanner for a Hybrid Company. Below is their short description. Read the documentation to learn more.

"The tool is programmed to compare the Company directory and the .csv file(IBM SCN Vault users list ) to identify, how many users doesn't have their ID file on the vault on a single document . The tool will also identify user's whose ID files are not in the synchronization state , because of mis-match of password.

Customers need to create PMR with Lotus Support, to receive the .csv file that contains the list of users who have their ID file in the vault .

This tool will report the company administrators a list of users, who don't have their ID file on the SCN Vault database."

On OpenNTF: WCM Sample Custom HTML Editor with CodeMirror

Niklas Heidloff | 1:48:04 AM Friday, June 27, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Eric Morentin and Jonathan Booth have published a new project, called WCM Sample Custom HTML Editor with CodeMirror.

"In IBM WebSphere Portal v8.5 a new extension point was exposed within the Web Content Manager (WCM) Authoring portlet to support replacing all HTML fields with a custom editor.

The extension works in the same way as all other custom fields of WCM. The extension is documented with a sample here.

CodeMirror is described on their web site as “a versatile text editor implemented in JavaScript for the browser. It is specialized for editing code, and comes with a number of language modes and addons that implement more advanced editing functionality.”

This sample includes all the files necessary to integrate CodeMirror into WCM and to deploy it onto your portal server."

On OpenNTF: RSS Sample for IBM Digital Data Connector in WebSphere Portal

Niklas Heidloff | 1:20:57 AM Friday, June 6, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Thomas Steinheber and Jonathan Booth have published a new project, called RSS Sample for IBM Digital Data Connector in WebSphere Portal. See below for their description and check out the screenshots.

"Starting with Version CF11 IBM WebSphere Portal includes the Digital Data Connector framework. It introduces the pattern of using IBM Web Content Manager design components to render data from arbitrary sources such as Atom feeds and RSS feeds.

This sample builds on top of this pattern to show the ease of integration of RSS feeds without the need for writing code. As a consequence, designers can focus on styling the remote content and create a visually appealing experience of seemlessly integrated remote data.

For details on the IBM Digital Data Connector, please visit the IBM Digital Data Connector Documentation to familiarize with the technical concepts used in this sample. The integration capabilities that DDC provides are very flexibile and implementors can have full control on how data sources are accessed.

This RSS sample uses the generic XML Digital Data Connector Plug-In to render RSS Feeds which are served as XML without writing Java code.

For questions, feedback and comments on the IBM Digital Data Connector, please visit our Digital Data Connector Community on DeveloperWorks."


Theme PAA for IBM WebSphere Portal

Niklas Heidloff | 1:12:59 AM Wednesday, May 28, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Stephan Hesmer and Jonathan Booth have open sourced a new project, called Theme PAA for IBM WebSphere Portal which provides access to the Portal 8.5 Theme as a PAA (Portal Application Archive) deliverable. Below is their description. Stephan also blogged recently about the theme enhancements in 8.5.

"This project provides access to the IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5 Theme as a PAA deliverable.

The Theme PAA is a great tool to quickly get started with your own theme as well as a great tool to demonstrate how you can package up your theme in a PAA for staging to production purposes. Additionally this Theme PAA demonstrates two theme modes: WebDAV and WAR file. It contains two separate themes and even though they look 100% identical, they are deployed once using the WebDAV repository and once using a second WAR file for static resources. Both themes that come with the PAA are equivalent in function.

Once the two themes are installed you can start to customize them and adapt them to your needs. For more information on theme customization please look here."

Change Tracking for IBM Domino Directory

Niklas Heidloff | 12:31:01 AM Wednesday, May 21, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Shankar Venkatachalam has published a new project “Change Tracking for IBM Domino Directory”.

"We have created an application called “Change Tracking for IBM Domino Directory”. As the name indicates, the application tracks the changes in person and group documents in the IBM Domino Directory. The application reports what has changed, who has made the change and when the change has happened.

The application works for IBM Domino version 6 to 9 as well as in hybrid IBM SmartCloud Notes environments."


OpenNTF.org remembers Tim Tripcony #codefortim

OpenNTF | 2:18:45 PM Tuesday, May 20, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
The entire OpenNTF.org community was shocked last week to learn about the death of Tim Tripcony. Tim was a prolific contributor to OpenNTF.org, both with his own projects and his collaboration on the XPages Extension Library and the OpenNTF.org Domino API. Tim was a big supporter of open source and the IBM XPages community. His death touches every one of us personally.

In an effort to remember Tim’s amazing contributions to our community, the OpenNTF.org board would like to invite everyone to share #codefortim – starting right now. What is #codefortim ? It’s an effort for everyone to contribute their knowledge and passion – something Tim did better than anyone – as a lasting memorial. We have a few suggestions on how you can get involved.

First, Tim has a few uncompleted projects on Github and Bitbucket. His projects will be audited and more information will be posted. The goal is to complete these projects and publish them to OpenNTF.org. As these projects are published, we ask you do the following:
1. Include Tim as a contributor. The OpenNTF.org IP Working Group Chairman will include Tim in the project
2. Include #codefortim in your project description
3. Include Tim’s name and #codefortim in the licensing document required for a project release.

We realize that Tim’s projects aren’t something everyone has the time or skill to undertake, so we are asking that anyone who wants to contribute projects or snippets use the #codefortim tag in the project description. If you would like to contribute content in other ways, such as recording a video for David Leedy for Notesin9 as part of this community effort or write an entry on your own blog, that’s great as well. The goal here isn’t to worry about the mechanism, but to leverage Tim’s spirit. Please tag your content with #codefortim.

Tim was one of the most giving and warm members of our community. The best way we can remember him and say goodbye is to build on his legacy. Tim will be missed as one of the best teachers. And as one of the best friends. We miss you Tim.

The OpenNTF.org Board

Tim’s projects on GitHub are here. We suggest looking at oauth4domino and his personal org.opentf.xsp.extlib.
Tim’s projects on Bitbucket are here.

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