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ListServ for Domino

A full-function listserv hosted on Domino -- we're building it (rather slowly).

IMPORTANT: if you downloaded early code, would you mind downloading and installing the current version? The early versions sometimes email me because the very early versions had my addresses hard-coded into the agents as the Errors To address, which means when someone lights up the old versions of LSD, they phone home. While amusing to me, this probably isn't what you want!

Some fairly rough code is up there now, but it does, in fact, work, and is useful as a way for you to see what works and use it for simple lists. Currently the guts of the code work... users can subscribe to a single list, and an email sent to the address of that list (see also, "mail-in database" in your Admin book) will get echoed out to subscribers. The code supports list sigs and other stuff but presently does not support message digests.

Code is verified to work properly on all releases of Notes/Domino 8. Originally developed under beta versions of 8, but will work properly on any R6 or R7 server as well. Let me know if you find out otherwise.  Expect me to ask you why you're still running code that old!

Eventually, the package will support the following features:

- Web-based subscription and management services
- Email-based subscription and management services
- nomail and suspend, both web and email based
- Subscriber approval
- Moderation options
- Archive management/searching/retrieval

Later on, or maybe not so later, we'll work on...

- Multiple lists per database
- Listop announcements to all subscribers

We probably won't try to take on spam-management except at a really basic level, like rejecting emails from nonlistmembers and lookup of subscriber addresses in PBLs. If you want more than that, there are plenty of spam-management tool vendors out there.

Volunteers to work on the code are always welcome.