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Source Control Enablement for Designer - News: This plugin will be superceded by Domino Designer 8.5.3

We very much appreciate the feedback from users of the OpenNTF version of this plugin, and it has certainly helped as we developed this feature for the product.  Because further work on this plugin required core changes and thus the 8.5.3 release, we have not been able to update this plugin for quite some time.  Because this feature is incorporated into the 8.5.3 release, and for the reason detailed below, this project will be removed from OpenNTF when 8.5.3 ships.


As we developed the 8.5.3 release, we made many improvements, some of which involved changing how design elements were stored.  One particular example is image design element representation.  In this 8.5.2 version of the plugin, images are stored as a single DXL file.  When 8.5.3 is released, images are stored as two files: one containing the file contents, and the other containing the metadata.  Other more subtle changes have been made along the way (e.g., changes in what metadata was stored for a file) - all in the interest of making the best possible shipping product.


As a result, on disk projects created with the OpenNTF plugin should not be used with the 8.5.3 product.  Doing so could, for example, damage the images held in your NSF.


The best way for users of this plugin to upgrade to 8.5.3 would be to:


- uninstall the plugin from your 8.5.2 Designer client (if you are going to do an upgrade to 8.5.3 rather than a clean install)

- remove the source control association from any nsfs/ntsf in your workspace

- delete (or archive) your on disk projects for those databases,

- upgrade to Designer 8.5.3 (your entire team should do this at once, as you very much do not want some users using 8.5.2 source control enablement and others using the 8.5.3 version.

- for each database you want to participate in Team Development, create a new on disk project from a "true copy" of the nsf/ntf.

- update (or replace/create a new branch/etc) the on disk project in your source control product

- everyone reconnect and refresh.


Depending on your source control product, you may be able to upgrade the on disk project held in source control, but it would be important to ensure that the 8.5.3 version "won" in each instance on a checkin.


We hope you will enjoy this new feature in 8.5.3!!

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