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Welcome to OpenNTF.org

The Mission of OpenNTF is to support the open source projects hosted at OpenNTF.Org. OpenNTF provides the framework to develop open source applications which may be freely distributed.

Browse the catalogs to find the latests releases you're looking for which have been made available under the Apache license or under the GPL license. Browse the project area to find the latest project updates before they have been cleared.

OpenNTF Welcomes HCL as a Member Company

Paul Withers | 8:36:29 AM Thursday, June 7, 2018 | Full Story and Comments

At Engage we were proud to announce that HCL had completed the process to become a member company of OpenNTF. It has always been great that IBM, as product owners, supported OpenNTF as a hub and community for open source. And it was no surprise that HCL were also willing to support OpenNTF's mission. We look forward to many interesting open source announcements as we move through Domino 10 and beyond.

OpenNTF at Engage and Contributors

Paul Withers | 7:43:42 AM Wednesday, June 6, 2018 | Full Story and Comments

Last month the Paul, Christian, Serdar, Nina, Martin and Nathan represented the board of OpenNTF at Engage. Unfortunately Nathan wasn't in the photo. But it was a good opportunity for us to meet up as well as catch up with both IBM and HCL. There are a number of initiatives in the planning and starting to mature. HCL announced a commitment to open source with OpenNTF, becoming members - more to follow on that. And there were plenty of sessions led by OpenNTF board members. The board will also be well-represented at the Golden Ticket event at HCL's labs in Chelmsford MA next month. And the upcoming release of Domino 10 will open up many more opportunities and potential for a new audience to benefit from IP management and project governance improvements that we provide, to make OpenNTF much more than just a source control repository.

As part of those project improvements, shortly before Engage we sent out an email to contributors to get feedback on their projects. We've already had some responses and the first open badges have been issued to those contributors. If you are a contributor and have not been able to reply yet, please do so. Particularly with Domino 10 around the corner we want to be able to promote the key projects available.

If you wish to do a video or guest blog post to highlight a project, those are also welcome and please reach out to contributions at openntf.org.

Domino Is Evolving, Call For Action from Contributors

Paul Withers | 9:04:12 AM Thursday, May 24, 2018 | Full Story and Comments
The board has just sent out the following email to contributors, which we're cross-posting on a blog to catch as many people as possible.

Dear Contributor,
First there was Lotusphere, then IBM Connect, then IBM ConnectED, then IBM Connect again, now IBM Think.

First there was the Notes Client, then Domino HTTP and servlets, then XPages and mobile, now NodeJS and Loopback are coming.

Domino 10 is around the corner; Domino2025 is already evolving.

The world of Domino app dev has changed and is constantly changing, and we know OpenNTF's project portfolio needs to change to stay current too.

Please take a moment to quickly update us on the projects you maintain:
- Project Name
- Status (Active, Complete, Not Working, Superseded by...)
- Target platform (Server only, Notes Client, Web, Mobile)
- Minimum and maximum Notes/Domino versions, if applicable
- Other active project chefs (to avoid everyone needing to reply!)
- Remove me as project chef / I'm looking for additional help with... (e.g. documentation, testing, etc.)
We will be promoting active, current projects over other projects, to help our users going forward. If you are still an active project chef, you'll also be awarded one of our new Open Badges as a contributor plus a staged Open Badge for being involved in a certain number of projects. The Open Badges initiative at OpenNTF already started last year with the OpenCode4Connections contest and will be extended to consumers as we try to increase the numbers of reviews on your projects.

Thank you for your time,
OpenNTF Board

We want to reiterate, we're not planning on removing projects and this is just a first step. We want to make it easier for consumers to find useful projects and reward our contributors. We want to help build an ecosystem of contributors around projects and transfer projects, where appropriate. And we want to be more ready for the future. This will require some additional work behind the scenes, we know, some of which has already been done with staged badges for contributors. But it will enable us to be a better hub for existing and new Domino developers.

If you are a contributor and did not receive the email, please respond to contributions at openntf.org.

Congratulations, Paul Withers!

Oliver Busse | 6:36:59 AM Wednesday, March 21, 2018 | Full Story and Comments

pw_lifetimechamp.jpgWith great pleasure, the OpenNTF board likes to announce the latest achievement of one of our board members, Paul Withers, who was awarded the IBM Lifetime Champion on last Sunday at the IBM Think conference in Las Vegas!

Paul does a great job over the years in the community being one of the core members of OpenNTF, the Extlib and ODA developer tribe and a frequent and reliable creator of highly valuable blog posts regarding all things ICS, XPages, Java and technology overall.

"The IBM Champion Lifetime Achievement award recognizes an IBM Champion who stands above their peers for service to the community. Over multiple years, these IBM Champions consistently excel and positively impact the community. They lead by example, are passionate about sharing knowledge, and provide constructive feedback to IBM. The Lifetime Achievement award provides automatic re-nomination into the IBM Champion program for the duration of the program, plus other benefits."

Paul was awarded along with other great people that we also want to mention:

  • Roberto Mazzoni
  • Alex Ivanov
  • Tiago Moura
  • Pete Massiello
  • Stuart Litel
  • Klaas Brant

Congrats again to you all - keep up the good work!

Open Badges Updates plus Website Changes and Fixes

Paul Withers | 9:35:29 AM Tuesday, March 13, 2018 | Full Story and Comments
Over the weekend we announced two new open badges available for those who run user groups, There is one that's generic for OpenNTF and one that's for OpenCode4Connections. If you run a user group and would like either or both of these badges, please contact Paul Withers (you've almost certainly got one social media access route!).

We're aware there have been issues recently posting discussions, defect and feature requests via the website and for a bit longer replying to any of these. Some work has been done over recent days that should have resolved all those issues now. The refactoring has been part of more significant streamlining in the design, particularly around registration, password management and account maangement. In time this will be extended further into capturing last login. As ever with a site as long-running as OpenNTF, there are a large number of old and possibly redundant accounts but currently no way to identify them. This work will eventually allow us to manage the infrastructure better. No significant changes will be occurring in the short term and we will keep you apprised.

For the same reason we will soon be reaching out to contributors to try to identify current active projects. There will be a number of projects where the main project Chef no longer works with IBM technologies, where the project has been abandoned or superseded. This will allow us to keep the list of main projects fresher as we go forward. This may mean we reach out for people to take over projects, if they wish them to remain active, but rest assured nothing will be removed without notice.

Updates To OpenNTF Website Content

Paul Withers | 2:34:11 PM Thursday, November 30, 2017 | Full Story and Comments
Today we pushed up some changes to the OpenNTF website. The previous area "IP and Legal" has been split down into "IP" and "Legal". The Legal area covers legalistic documents for aspects such as our bylaws, IP policy, privacy policy etc. If you're looking for practical content about the IP process and how to apply it, you should look instead at the IP area. A lot of the content here has been restructured or slightly reworded to better explain why we do it, why you want us to do it, and do make it less daunting to implement. It may seem scary if you've not done it before, but in practice it's very straightforward and our IP Manager Jesse Gallagher will help you through any typically minor amendments, if they are needed.

Hopefully we've updated all links within the site, but if you spot any or have ideas for any improvements, please let us know either on the OpenNTF Slack chat or posting to our @OpenNTF Twitter account.

OpenNTF on Twitter

Paul Withers | 7:24:36 AM Friday, November 17, 2017 | Full Story and Comments
When the free non-production Domino server license was launched on developerWorks earlier this year, it brought that area of developerWorks to the conscious awareness for possibly the first time. I looked at the "Communities" sub-page and, in particular, the "Social" area near the bottom on the right. That highlighted that there were Twitter feeds being publicised that were not being maintained. That needed addressing.

CollaborationToday has a team curating the content that appears there in a variety of categories and the Home Page of OpenNTF has a widget that displays new releases. There is content that could and should easily be blogged by @Collab2day and @OpenNTFProjects. But we're all busy people and we endeavour to work smarter. There are tools to automate posting to a Twitter account and one of those that I've been using since the end of last year for various integrations is IFTTT.

For those who haven't used it, IFTTT allows you to set up "recipes" which will perform some action based on something else occurs (IF This Then That). Two of those endpoints are an RSS feed and Twitter. So for a few months now we've had various recipes so that if there is a new feed item, IFTTT will automatically post a tweet. But CollaborationToday includes a variety of categories and few will be interested in all categories. So to make the tweets more useful and more informative, there are different recipes for each category, adding a prefix to the tweet depending on the RSS feed category filter, as you can see below.


You can see the result below:


Currently there is no RSS feed for new project releases, so that is proving less straightforward to automate. But obviously that's feasible, it's just going to take some custom development.

UPDATE: As a duplicate tweet just reminded me, I also set up an IFTTT recipe for the main OpenNTF account to automatically tweet new stories via the OpenNTF Blog RSS feed. The lesson to learn is automation is great until you forget what you've automated!

OpenCode4Connections Contest Winners

Paul Withers | 7:18:31 AM Thursday, October 19, 2017 | Full Story and Comments
Earlier this week, at Social Connections, we announced the winners of the OpenCode4Connections IBM Connections Customizer contest. To support the contest there was a great amount of effort from Christian Guedemann, Martin Donnelly and others to set up the infrastructure and enablement materials to help ensure the contest was a success. Even though the contest only ran for a short period of time, the numbers were impressive:

- over 40 organisations were provisioned by IBM during the pilot phase
- 20 organisations developed or partially developed something for the contest
- there were 11 submissions which went to voting and you can see all repositories on OpenCode4Connections' GitHub.

The winners were:

Enhanced Activity Stream - Jay Agrawal
This project contributed a notifier and infinite scroll to the Activity Stream in Connections and was something Jay had previously built as custom code in the header.jsp of the homepage of Connections and extended into the Connections Customizer. As the ReadMe says, by taking the code you can also add this functionality to a Connections 5+ instance. Jay is also a first-time contributor to OpenNTF, so it's great to be expanding our contributor-base.


Status Update Tone Analyzer - John Jardin
This project is a very unobtrusive contribution which analyzes the tone of the status update, allowing the user to review before posting. The status is analyzed in intervals of 2 seconds while the update is typed. In the screenshot below it's been highlighted because, as I'm sure you can tell, it blends well with the rest of the content around it.


Bluemix Weather Widget / Watson Workspace Links - Brian Gleeson
The first project adds a weather widget to the community overview page of a chosen community, based on the community's UUID entered in the JSON. If you want it to apply to all communities, the "match" property of the json can be removed. This points to an XPages application running on Bluemix and the Weather Company data from Bluemix and is a great example of integrating all these technologies into Connections.


The second project again can be contributed to a specific community using the UUID or to all communities, by removing the "match" property. This allows posting to a Watson Workspace defined in a watsonSpaceId property. You'll also need to set up a Watson Workspace App, adding the appId and appSecret to the JS file.


Floyd - Daniele Vistalli
A special award was given to Daniele Vistalli who contributed not a customization per se but a framework for running applications or webpages, loading CSS etc. This allows you to add customizations more easily.

Open Badges
Some time ago OpenNTF investigated the use of Open Badges to reward those who get involved with us. It's something we first became aware of when IBM issued them to IBM Champions, but for various reasons we've not been in a position to progress it. However, this contest gave us the opportunity to issue the first Open Badge, to our winners. You'll notice the badge features a laurel wreath (in pink, the colour associated with the current developments around IBM Connections) around the new OpenCode4Connections logo. Thank you to our contest winners for their patience with our faltering steps on this new journey!

We'll be rolling Open Badges out wider during the coming months for various initiatives and you will see how we will vary the badges for our different brands.

OpenNTF Board of Directors

Paul Withers | 12:00:50 PM Thursday, September 28, 2017 | Full Story and Comments
The new OpenNTF board has been elected by acclamation.

The following have been elected Member Directors, returned for two years:

Martin Donnelly - IBM
Paul Withers - Intec Systems Ltd
Oliver Busse -  We4IT
Nathan T Freeman - Red Pill Now

They join the Member Directors elected last year, who have one year left on their term:

Serdar Basegmez, Developi Information Systems
Adam Foster, Oval
Jesse Gallagher, I Know Some Guys
Christian G├╝demann, Webgate
Douglas Robinson, Prominic

The following have been elected as Contributor Directors, the term for which is one year:

Padraic Edwards
Nina Wittich
Fredrik Norling

We would like to welcome Nina to the board and we look forward to the year ahead. A number of new initiatives are planned and there will be opportunities for people to get involved over the coming months to help drive the organisation forward.

In the meantime, I would recommend everyone to take a look at the OpenCode4Connections and IBM Connections Customiser contest. The level of technical enablement is something that we have all been working to improve over previous contests, and there are now four videos to allow you to hit the ground running.

Say hello to "OpenCode4Connections.org"

Christian Guedemann | 11:23:16 AM Thursday, September 14, 2017 | Full Story and Comments
A picture named M2 

We at OpenNTF.org are excited to launch our new brand - OpenCode4Connections.org.
OpenNTF has a proven track history in building open source communities around interesting technologies and products, e.g. it was the incubinator for the success of XPages. But let us welcome our newest member:


The intention behind OpenCode4Connections.org is a very simple and short story! IBM Connections deserves a dedicated place where the Open Source Community can meet and collaborate in a creative way to build solutions and fix problems!

To celebrate the start of OpenCode4Connections.org we have decide to organize the IBM Connections Customizer Contest. Learn more about it here!

Have fun!


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